1. True, ma’am Bonnie, the exaltation to the Triune GOD is uplifting in the midst of gratitude and relieving during down times, knowing He is GOD of mercy, in control, and in command of vast of angels and His ministers.

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    1. True, Markus and Micah, we are constantly reminded of the truth of the Triune GOD’s goodness, as in the words of your aunt and in the popular song. His goodness and mercy cannot be measured.


      1. Sa model prayer ni Jesus ang unang bagay ay “pabanalin nawa ang iyong pangalan” at ang huli ay “bigyan Mo kami ng pagkain”
        Kaya dapat muna purihin ang pangalang YHWH (Jehovah o Yawhe) at huling bagay ang kailangan natin

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        1. GOD willing, Jim. Entirely up to the Triune GOD if He wills and wherever He leads. If GOD gives me a chance to work and resuscitates my career, He wants me to focus on that path where along the way He gives opportunities where I can still serve Him. And if not YET, then, He wants me to “continue on this journey” in this blog in this extra time.

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    1. Indeed, Donna! Truly amazing that we can also bless the source of all blessings! It is like a parent accepting the same candy from a toddler that the same parent bought from the store. GOD bless you and your family!

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