August 15, 2020


    1. Totoo po yon, Ed! It boils down to pananampalataya sa Panginoong AMANG DIYOS, HESU KRISTO at BANAL na ISPIRITO; pananampalataya na tayo ay naligtas dahil lang sa biyaya/grasya ng Panginoong Diyos.


    1. True, Jim! Abraham has unwavering faith in GOD from the beginning (bar telling Pharaoh that Sarah is his sister instead of trusting GOD). He has a solid notion of who GOD is along the way and what He will fulfill. Based on the account of the Hebrews writer, Abraham believes that GOD will raise Isaac if he proceeds in sacrificing him (Hebrewsa 11:19). Strong trust/faith indeed. I’m still working on it. Trivia, it took time for me to look for the ram–whose horns got caught in the bushes. I found one but I opted to use this picture instead of the ram.

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        1. Oh, you are awake already? I just updated my response after remembering a detail i.e. Abraham told Pharaoh that Sarah is his sister. Really? Actually, I kind of like the ram. Maybe it will come in handy if someday there will be a series on old testament stories.

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    1. True, Crissy! Such solid faith Abraham has. His faith to GOD solidified further along the way. Due to Isaac’s parents’ experiences with GOD, they probably told him several stories on trusting GOD. The first few minutes might be frustrating for Isaac after being betrayed but he probably understands there after. And we can’t discount the work of GOD in him. We will know the exact feeling he has when we chat with him in heaven.

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    1. True, Bigsky Buckeye, it is a model to strive for and with the HOLY SPIRIT’s guidance, our faith in the Triune GOD will be strong. A world like that is already a heaven on earth i.e. the millennial Kingdom of our Lord, JESUS CHRIST.

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    1. True, Allan, a model for us if we deeply put our trust in the Triune GOD (dispite worldy concerns etc). In the end, we are glad that there is saving grace from GOD the FATHER through JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior.

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