September 20, 2020

Galatians 2:16


    1. Not only that, Jim, each time I asked do you believe that JESUS is GOD, they were silent, get their paraphernalia, and left without a word. They sent those groups of twos ever week until I saw them on CCTV and I did not respond. It was fun and sad seeing their reaction. I kind of guilty for not responding boldly during the first time they approach me and my peer group (in a party mood).

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        1. Yes, there will be repetance instead of gnashing of the teeth. Which reminds me, I’m sure you will feature one of our local cults, Jim, the one you encountered. Actually, there are many to choose from that has branches in the US and the world.

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    1. True, Lesley! Praising the Triune GOD for our salvation! Grateful to JESUS for removing all our sins. The Berlin Wall comes to mind with this set of verses. Likewise, a blessed Sunday to you and your family!🙂

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    1. It happened in my last year in elementary (grammar school) and at that time, I really was happy when my parents mentioned that the cold war will be over; and it was officially over after several months. I wanted to used that scene as the background graphics of something you “tear down” and not rebuilding it but none of those pictures taken in 1989 was available in the free picture sites.

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      1. I was 36 at that time and probably in the middle of domestic chaos! lol It was a very exciting event, watching it on the t.v. I would love to visit Berlin. One of our sons has been there and said it is a wonderful city.

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        1. It seems a wonderful place. I have not been to Berlin nor anywhere in Germany. It will be a great place to visit someday, based on the feedback from your son. Maybe years from now after the pandemic, when flying and moving is convenient. That will definitely be a longer time to wait. GOD willing, a cure or vaccine will be ready by next year.

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  1. Funny I was just asking you about the Batman animated series and you brought it up before I did lol. I watched a few episodes as a kid and last Christmas my wife got me the DVD collection of all the seasons. But I rarely sit down to watch anything animated or movie, more of a reader lol


    1. It is good that Nancy still finds those rare Batman DVD’s, Jim! It is a rare collector’s item; you should preserve it in mint condition. There are almost 40 feature films/DCUA Original Movies you have missed. Most of them are based on graphic novels or comics. Check it out, there are 11 Batman as the titular character movie in these films.

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        1. Thanks! I am going to get a little break tonight from reading and decided I’m going to watch the movie you told me about! I’m 11 minutes into it and the villain thus far looks just like the reaper in Batman year two!

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        2. I enjoyed the movie! Wow that’s the first time I sat watching a movie at home for more than 30 minutes straight, usually I get restless and want to read something or someone text and message me like crazy lol. It is slightly different than the Year Two comics but still I enjoyed both the comics and the movie!

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