January 28 2021

John 17:12-13

John 17:14-16

John 17:17-19

John 17:24

13 thoughts on “January 28 2021

  1. Marvelous passage. I was struck with the implications of verse 6 that if we keep His Word it means we are chosen by the Father and given to the Son. The election by God matters! It is the basis for our salvation but also our sanctification!

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    1. Marvelous passage indeed, Jim! You are right, GOD’s election is crucial and the key to salvation. The entire six verses proves that when GOD the FATHER elects (out of His grace and mercy and the onset of our salvation) and gives them to His SON, JESUS CHRIST who begins His sanctification work in us and faithfully completes it. It implies that when we are seeking JESUS as our Lord GOD of our life and Savior from our sins, and keep His Word, CHRIST is indeed working in us. It is the sign/manifestation/fruit. So does the HOLY SPIRIT who convicts, guides and intercedes for us. The Triune GOD completes the work of our salvation. Shown also in verse 11 is the Truth that GOD the FATHER and JESUS is one and this is the stumbling block for “Christians” who don’t believe in the deity of JESUS CHRIST. JESUS is GOD! Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. It is still available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Netfix North American region. There is another good documentary, The Calvinist, that I’ll be watching soon and on queue with a mundane lineup. A Spurgeon documentary is not available in the region according to apple so I’ll check the firestick.

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