1. True, ma’am Bonnie! That is the proof that GOD loves us and wants us to be with Him by His discipline, reproof and molding/directing our lives towards a right relationship in Him. Without such experience of GOD’s reproof when people are in a sinful course/path, there is no way that person can navigate Himself towards GOD; thinking of christian cults as an example. Only when we are saved by GOD’s grace that He reproves and disciplines us. A blessed Sunday to you and your family!

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    1. Amen, Mandy! This is a wonderful verse as an FYI to us that if we experienced the reproof of GOD in our life, due to certain things we do or are into that He disapproves, or even a “philanthropic life” that is far from glorifying Him, we won’t be shocked but accept it as His way of disciplining us and rectifying our course towards a right relationship with Him. Instead of hell for unbelievers, GOD disciplines and reproves those whom He loves. A blessed Sunday to you and your family!

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    1. True, Jim! GOD loves us so that through His grace we have this long process in our sanctification to be like JESUS CHRIST. In the process, He rectifies our sinful course, He disciplines us so we will grow in faith and be in the right path i.e. JESUS’ way; all for His glory. For this reason this verse is under the sanctification subseries. I’ve personal experience on this verse in relation to superheroes and I will say, I’m still under His discipline. This is the 3rd set of verse from Revelation since the first verse that I posted on October 11, 2019 is culled from the Book of Revelation. Among the books of the Bible I’m careful in missing a letter, let alone a word in this book as warned in the November 1, 2019 post. A blessed Sunday to you and your family.

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    1. You are right, Crissy, we are grateful to GOD that He disciplines us instead of throwing us to hell. Because of GOD’s love for us, we are saved by His grace and are sanctified to be like JESUS CHRIST. In this long process of sanctification, we often (if not all) times fall short and there are times, we are heading on a different path, something He disapproves. He does discipline us so we realize and change ways towards His path. This He does for His glory and praise. We get to heaven too. Blessings my friend!

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    1. GOD bless you and your family too, Alan! True, it is a privilege to be reproved by GOD knowing it means He chooses us to be worshipping Him in heaven someday and our salvation is assured. We will be in the right track i.e. JESUS’ way, if our course has been streamlined by GOD, away from sins. Indeed, we are grateful to His work in us i.e. reproving us when we sway through our sanctification process and guaranteeing our salvation. Truly a wonderful and great Triune GOD! A blessed Sunday!

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    1. True, Lesley! GOD is love and He is merciful to us. We are confident that when He reproves or disciplines us, it is for our own good and for His glory. We are grateful when He does that because He is showing us the way to have a right relationship with Him and not to shame us. Besides, the pain or suffering due to being disciplined is nothing compared to the glory that is to be revealed to us in heaven, as Paul had said. In short, we get to be in heaven because GOD rectified our course to be in JESUS’ way insuring our salvation. Grateful and praising GOD for His faithfulness and discipline while we are in the long process of sanctification. GOD bless you and your family!

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      1. I thank God for chastising me when I need it. I always know the difference between when I’m simply feeling sorry for myself and when God is correcting me – that’s when I feel true remorse and He lifts me back up soon after. He’s a good father!
        Blessings to you too, Gersom, and to your family! Have a lovely Sunday.

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        1. A blessed Sunday too, Lesley! I’m truly happy for you that you have accepted GOD’s reproof with gladness and gratitude to Him who is gracious to us. Not all see His chastising that way. There are those who take long to be remorseful; the process of sanctification takes time indeed. True, when GOD corrects our life/path, there is a change in behavior, new perspective and we have more love and dedication to Him as we hunger for His word. GOD is good indeed! Good afternoon!

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    1. We are grateful for GOD’s grace, Paula! GOD loves us that we are redeemed through His precious blood on the cross and now we are sanctified to conform in His likeness. Because we are sanctified, we are disciplined when we fall astray or moved in a different path that He disapproves. Hard may GOD’s disciplining is, He intends to rectify our sinful and/or prideful path and lead us back again to His way, the only way for salvation. GOD’s discipline can be taken as a way to repent, to change course by seeking Him more, and know His leading. GOD bless you and your family!

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