October 20, 2020


    1. It shows how GOD loves you, Lesley! Being disciplined by GOD means a lot as the verse implies. Whatever suffering we we encountered in the changing or going back or even keeping in the course/path of JESUS, it is definitely worth it. We are grateful to GOD for His love, our salvation, and His assurance that we will worship Him in heaven someday; all for His glory!

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    1. GOD’s election comes to mind, Jim! When GOD chooses, He insures that our salvation is assured just like every hair we have is counted by Him Who is Omniscient, among His attributes. We rejoice in suffering, according to Paul, including GOD’s disciplining of us to correct our walk on JESUS’ way or streamlining it so we don’t get distracted by worldly “things,” knowing that it means we are saved and be with Him in heaven for His glory!

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        1. Amen people need to know! This is the second time someone ask me about doing the attribute of God related to the blog or our Bible study. So I see that as providential

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        2. It is by GOD’s providence, Jim! We need to be guided who GOD is to follow Him in love and to discern on “things” because we revered Him. Your style of thorough, Godly, and bulleted explanation will help us understand who GOD is by His attributes. By the way, thank you for the enlightening discussion in the Bible study tonight. I got a lot of insight on how to motivate the Godly way. May GOD plant in us the right heart to motivate and give courage to people to be of service to the Triune GOD.

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    1. That is the core message, Crissy! We should count our blessings then. Being grateful and thanking the just and merciful Triune GOD for His love, care, and correcting us. His discipline makes us also appreciate what Godly life is all about in contrast with the path we had prior to His reproof. GOD bless you, Crissy! Good night too!


        1. We are grateful to GOD for opening our eyes and enlightening us. Likewise, Crissy, a blessed day to you and blessings to your ministry. Praying still for yours. Nothing is impossible with GOD especially, salvation.

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        2. Thank you too, Crissy, for this wonderful information. Yes, it is truly a blessing from GOD, GOD’s effectual call indeed! Continue your ministry and being a blessing. The harvest is still many.

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    1. True, Donna, the process of GOD’s discipline, His act of perfect love, might changed our once pleasurable and comfortable life that GOD disapproves into something heaven ready. We may still have certain pleasures retained and things to enjoy after GOD’s disciplining of us in this long sanctification process because He knows whom He works (i.e. our salvation), He completes His work, and He is difinitely confident in His work in us; all for His glory. And you are right, GOD really loves us so much! GOD bless you, your family and ministry!

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    1. GOD bless you and your family, ma’am Bonnie! We are blessed to be called GOD’s children even if we experienced His discipline in this sanctification process because we know He did it out of love for us and for His glory.

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        1. If you have time, Jim, give it 3 days at most, there will be changes found in the secondary menu of this site, i.e. Verse Series. The series will be compiled and organized in this menu.

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