November 13, 2020

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    1. We are sanctified in JESUS CHRIST once and for all, Mandy! What an assurance indeed that because of JESUS’ atonement for all our sins, we can pursue holiness/godliness with the Triune GOD’s work in us. This is the central theme and the last few posts of the subseries. GOD bless you and Nathan!

      Looking forward to watch the Mandalorian anytime.

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        1. Thank GOD indeed! Electricity has returned in this area before 9AM the other day, after 7 hours, Mandy. Some services were fully restored recently but some places still don’t have water and electricity. [Spoilers] Nice landing, more Mandalorians, another subplot on their homeworld, and Ahsoka in the next episode? 🤫

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    1. You are right, Dora, this verse is very significant and I agree that, like the picture, it does take one’s breath away. Knowing that we are sanctified because of JESUS’ sacrifice on the cross, spared to be holy, and to be like CHRIST, is an assurance that the Triune GOD wants us to be with Him in heaven, indeed. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. That is the Gospel Truth, Jim, and the essence of this verse and subseries! It is because of JESUS CHRIST’s work on the cross and sanctification that we are in this process of holiness! Awesomely Magnificent indeed! A blessed week ahead!

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    1. Indeed, Crissy, we praise the Triune GOD that through His work in us we are sanctified, have salvation, and heaven ready! All this because of the atoning sacrifice of JESUS on the cross for all our sins and for the glory of GOD! GOD bless your ministry and may GOD equip you and your team more as you encourage many to Him.

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    1. We praise the Triune GOD for His wonderful work in us, Alan, in our sanctification and salvation. GOD, through His grace, redemptive work, and guidance, patiently direct our lives to know and trust Him, walk along His way in faith and embolden in His assurances, and ensuring that we live a holy life away from sin by completing His work in us. All these because the HOLY SPIRIT is in us, atoning sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST, and for the glory of GOD the FATHER. GOD bless you and your family! Good morning when you read this.

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    1. You are right, Bigsky Buckeye, this verse is, along with other verse, are what we consider the foundation of our faith. All of this sanctification and salvation is possible through the atoning sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST. This is also the essence of this subseries on sanctification. GOD bless you!


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