November 14, 2020


    1. You are right, Mandy, we should encourage and help each other not to “fall away from the living GOD” and not be “hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” This is essential endeavor (i.e. exhortation) too in our sanctification process. Talking about the process of sanctification, in the set of verses, we are instructed to hold on in our confidence in JESUS CHRIST firmly until He completes the process in us; and we are singing hymns for Him in heaven. GOD bless you and Nathan!

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    1. Thank you very much, Jim! We need prayers for the victims of the Typhoon, especially those in the flooded areas. We also need prayers for the rescuers and other responders as they conduct relief operations and eventually, recovery efforts.

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    1. Good question, Ed! Having a right relationship with the Triune GOD and being called His own children requires a genuine faith and love in Him as GOD who gives grace, redeems us from our sins, guides us, works for our salvation, and ensures we are His. An unbelieving heart is synonymous to a rebellious faithless hardened one. GOD gives us so much and a lot more and we repay Him with an unbelieving heart, such ungrateful to say the least and evil (Matthew 16:4, Mark 9:19) to describe it further. For the same reason we believe that GOD is the Creator of everything and gives grace to unworthy us, JESUS CHRIST His Son is both GOD and Savior (Romans 10:9) who redeems us, and the HOLY SPIRIT is guiding, convicting and interceding for us. The Triune GOD is working for our salvation. This is what we believe who our GOD is. GOD bless you and your family!


      1. Jesus made it clear that the reason why he spoke in illustrations was that only honesthearted individuals would grasp the sense of what he said.
        The Bible is like a magnet that only attracts certain individuals with the right inclination and only them really grasp what it says and only them have real faith

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        1. Amen, you are right Ed, the Word is revealed by GOD to those whom GOD calls His own. Also, those disciples who have not grasped at first the meaning of JESUS’ Words eventually comprehend what JESUS’ ministry was all about with the coming of the HOLY SPIRIT and thus they are in heaven and be with Him bar one traitor.


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