November 12, 2020


    1. We bow to GOD the FATHER in prayer that He will strengthen us in our faith, confessing JESUS as both our Lord and Savior, and accepting His way; this through the HOLY SPIRIT that resides in us so (verse 17) that JESUS CHRIST will dwell in our hearts. This shows the Triune GOD at work in our salvation, something we are grateful, assured, and rejoicing for as we remind ourselves about this in our sanctification process. GOD bless you, Mandy, and your family!

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        1. Grateful to GOD for enlightening and leading us to His Words, all for GOD’s glory alone. GOD’s Word does give comfort and His Good News refreshes the bones (Proverbs 15:30). GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. True, it is a great assurance and evidence at the same time that the Triune GOD is working in us, giving us strength in faith in Him while we are progressing in our sanctification. GOD bless you and your family!


    1. Jim, I’ve shared the link, taken directly from TV. Thank you very much for initiating prayers for the victims of the Typhoon. Some of them, according to the news, are struggling to recover. We need all your prayers that they too won’t get sick from covid and leptospirosis.

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        1. Yes, it is and frequent during floods in urban and semi-urban areas. There are also those kids and irresponsible adults who simply like to swim in a wide street swimming pool, not knowing the dangers that lie ahead. DRRM is a good field of study, Jim.

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        2. I have not heard of DRRM before and looked it up: Disaster Resilience and Risk management. It does sound like a good field of study. It is an area I believe you know quite a lot about

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        3. Not a lot but just enough to make a plan. 😉 I will be honored to provide, should you need information on that field. There are certain overlaps with the military and management in general like on principles, systems, etc.

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