December 3, 2020


        1. You are right, Ed, it says in verse 4 that “a living dog is better than a dead lion.” It is all “in the hand of GOD” as Solomon pointed out in verse 1. No one has come back to life and tell the tale step by step as the common saying say but we do have the scripture/GOD’s Word to give us a glimpse of that. Here is a resource on the subject by Pastor Lutzer and YouTube video series.


        2. Hahaha! Sabi nila when you eat dog, dogs will bark at you forever. Usually in the colder places of the country, they make “pulutan” out of the poor dog to warm them up. Never have eaten dogs, cats, mouse, horse, etc but have eaten monitor lizard (once or twice), deer, and even water buffalo. Also Buffalo wings at a fast food.


        3. Lagot ka Ed, tatahol na yong aso sa iyo. For them, ikaw ay kumakain ng kanilang kind. Hala! Mga taga Baguio, pampukutan nila ng gin or lambanog. Mga hayop talaga nag papakain sa iyo ng aso. Mga kaaway ni PAWS.

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