December 2, 2020


    1. You are right, Mandy, we will see our GOD, Savior, and King JESUS in His Magnificent glory one day, someday, soon! This set of verses assures us of the kind of Heavenly or CHRIST Kingdom glorified body that His elect will have. It will neither be an animal, a bird, nor a fish nor will we be reincarnated into any of those nor retained our perishable earthly body. The body will be JESUS’ Kingdom and Heaven ready and eternity lasting one. Grateful to the Triune GOD for making this possible through His love and all for His glory!

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    1. We are grateful to GOD for the kind of merciful arrangement, Jim that we are not confined by our earthly body’s limitations but instead, GOD provides a better one–a body where we can walk, talk, and worship Him without disintegrating. GOD is far more than what He created and just thought, imagine walking within an area of a massive nuclear reaction, the core of the largest star, and colliding stars/galaxies, what protective suit can shield our earthly bodies from that kind of power. We marvel to a Marvelous GOD indeed!

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        1. We can only surmised based on how Holy GOD is and none of the Old Testament people has seen Him and lived. Yet, there are many who have seen JESUS and lived during those times. We can only presume why that body is glorious. We will know someday. Now we anchor our hope and faith in GOD.

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  1. Thanks, Kent. As I grow older, I am regularly reminded that my earthly tent has a limited shelf life. I’m looking forward to that Heavenly body! Praise Jesus!

    RE: animals
    My wife insists that dogs will also be in Heaven. I ask her, what about mosquitos and wasps? She doesn’t want to quibble over details, but thinks God will draw the line somewhere, and that dogs will definitely be included. 🤔

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    1. Praise JESUS indeed, Tom that we will have a Heavenly body when JESUS comes again! In a glorious body, we can sing worship songs well even if we are cacophonous (just like me) back in our earthly body.

      Will dogs go to Heaven just like the cartoons? Well, that is a mystery we can only see or know in Heaven. It will be a gift from GOD to have the closest animals/pets to join us in Heaven as long as it will not hinder our worship with Him. I can imagine your conversation with your wife, Tom when you asked about those insects. We still don’t know but it sure is a big bonus. GOD bless you and your wife!

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        1. Wow thank you for that and also commenting for me to know, I think my email service was more sensitive it sent that to spam and glad you told me as a comment so I can find it and correct that!

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        2. You’re welcome, Jim!

          Btw, I did not touched the topoc per se as you have a lot of data on that. Those were perspectives from here and also some introductory punchlines you can use or as ice breakers e.g. weather, traffic, and lockdown.

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    1. True, Donna, we can’t complain and should be grateful to GOD for His blessings to our earthly body. We look foward to the heavenly one as it is the only physical way we can worship the Triune GOD in Heaven. GOD bless you, your family, and ministry!

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