1. I imagine that scene would be one that is glorious…God being glorious in HIs glory to save, but also glorious in HIs judgment to condemn and fulfill justice with regards to sin. Thanks for sharing this passage

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    1. Amen! GOD it indeed glorified as He manifest His attribute of a Just GOD and by implementing justice, He puts His depraved and unrepenting sinful enemies on His footstool. Thank you, pastor for reading this long set of verses.

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  2. I just finished watching the episode on Clouds for the show “Connected.” Fascinating how everything inter-relate, as usual. I did think it was neat to see how weather prediction has dramatically improved though not perfect, something I imagine you know a lot more about with emergency management especially with the origin of the terrible disaster that led to that innovation of that discipline. SO grateful you recommended the series, I watch them very since I often get occupied with ministry or reading

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    1. One more episode to go and that is Nukes. These are good informative ones and I’ll look for other similar series other than the long time recommended “In Christ Alone: Christ Crucified” series. Thank you too for the Bible Study lessons.

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    1. Grateful to the Triune GOD for His leading and direction in the sequencing of these sets of verses, Tangie. I’m sharing with you the list of verses of this subseries on Glorified for GOD’s Glory. This might come in handy in your future I posts. In this Scripture alone, we see that all will stand before the Throne of GOD regardless of one’s life in the world. Those not cleansed by the redeeming blood of JESUS and not clothed in His righteousness goes to hell. We must continue to share the Gospel before this comes. GOD bless you, your loved ones, and your ministry!


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