December 18, 2020


    1. We have not seen how glorious the second coming of JESUS is, the resurrection of the elect, and in this particular verse–the gathering of GOD’s children, but we know it is far more than magnificent, Mandy. Seeing this great multitude is like seeing white all over (maybe), seeing the Throne area is jaw-dropping, and seeing GOD the FATHER and JESUS CHRIST is an indescribable opportunity and blessing and grace! We are grateful to the Triune GOD that a great multitude from different nations will be saved in the end and the new Heaven and Earth. GOD bless you, your family, and your upcoming ministry!

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        1. Yes, time flies since they flown to Tatooine, Mandy! I’ve watched predictions and we will know in few hours. One year to wait then. Wait, you are still awake at this very hour; praying also that you will have at least 8 hours of immunity boosting sleep.

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        1. True, Ele, it is an awesomely magnificent event seeing GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON, and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT in His glory; worshipping the Triune GOD in His magnificense and in our gratitude. What an all superlatives that event will be as we also see the countless number (maybe, as numerous as the stars of the universe or the sands in the world like that of Genesis 22:17) who are in the Book of Life gathering at the Throne of GOD from all countries. Watching something and being there in mass gatherings here in Earth is uplifting. How much more seeing GOD and seeing the number of those whom He also saves, worshipping at His Throne. GOD is awesome and magnificent! Blessings to you and your family!

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        1. Nathan loves and I mean LOVES mandalorian. Our friends Chris and Christina gave him a stuffed Baby Yoda for Christmas and we all thought he was going to cry! Nathan is the definition of career, enlisted Army guy so his response totally caught me off guard! Of course he was less than thrilled when I said, “No, we are not going to display Baby Yoda on our mantle!” No worries though, Baby Yoda at work on Nathan’s toolbox where he is bringing joy to the guys he works with. God willing Star Wars will be an outlet in which Nathan can share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those he works with!

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        2. Wow this is a great comment! I got a baby Yoda this year as a gift and my girls love it! I have also a Marine buddy who is very manly have that Baby Yoda displayed at his home lol

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