December 29, 2020

15 thoughts on “December 29, 2020

    1. You are right, Crissy, we must treasure all of GOD’s promises. These are our assurances to live a life in faith and submission to our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. These promises also are our CHRISTmas star to guide us as we walk towards our GOD. GOD bless you and your family.

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  1. True, JESUS CHRIST came to redeem us from the curse of violating any provision of the Law because we cannot comply with it consistently on our own. Like our human laws/statutes/ordinances/rules, no one can obey GOD’s Law absolutely without failing much. We are grateful that JESUS came. So, instead of following all the provisions of Law, we are now justified by our faith in CHRIST our Lord GOD and Savior. We follow His way. GOD bless you and your family, Jim!

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    1. I just noticed your reply, strange WordPress didn’t notify me! Amen to what you said, grateful He redeemed us when we can’t redeem ourselves by obeying alone (and we don’t obey!)

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