1. The verse says it all, Mandy! The Gospel message is not palatable to those…”who rejects it.” But to those who “bit by bit” or “slowly but surely” or “right away” accepts it, it is the power and salvation, coming from the Triune GOD, at work! This is an opening salvo to the…doct…Biblical topic of election i.e. GOD selects/elects. Blessings to you and Nathan!

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  1. This verse have comforted me during evangelism.
    1. We shouldn’t be surprised that nonbelievers think our Gospel was foolish.
    2. Yet we must preach the Word since it is how people are saved!

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    1. Amen to those points, Jim! It is comforting to be aware of this verse as a reality check. At the same time, it gives us the assurance and motivation to share GOD’s Word to many, regardless of ones uniqueness/background etc. Blessings to you, Nancy, and your kids!

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    1. True! This verse is indeed good to keep and remember, Crissy, when we share the Gospel. Especially in your face-to-face ministry. For GOD’s elect, whoever they are and whatever circumstances we met them first, we all must not stop evangelizing. GOD does direct our lives for this purpose! Blessing to you and your ministry! We are in our final subseries and the topic stirs more argument than the other doctrines in the subseries.

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      1. I agree about all te arguments certain doctrines cause . I see it all the time in the FB groups I belong . Jesus commanded His Church to make disciples. The results are up to Him.
        I do have to fight discouragement as most people I speak to, (close family included )do not want to believe the gospel .
        Thank you for your comment Clark
        Blessings to you and yours :

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        1. For those that we loved most, Crissy, we won’t stop knocking the door. The rest, we still have to give the “information” i.e. the Good News. When GOD calls them or when they need GOD and unsure of their “life after earth” they might recall that “information” you gave. GOD willing, there will be hunger for GOD and repentance after. The rest is in GOD’s hands.

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    1. Amen indeed. GOD’s Word is accepted by those whom He elects before the creation of the universe because GOD changes the human heart of hardened stone to a heart that He can write the Law/His commands; transforming it to a willing one that accepts Him and His Word. We all must continue to share the Gospel, Martie so it will reached to those whom GOD also elects, whoever they are. Blessings to you and your.

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    1. You are right, without Salvation, without a True GOD that we anchor on, without payments for all our sins, and without hope, the fallen world is still feastive but spiritually desolate and bankrupt. Blessings to you and yours.


        1. Hahaha! It is GOD’s, Jim! All Gersom Clark “missions” namely, video (past) = graphics (present) + audio verse (far future) are and will be free of charge and it is His. All belongs to GOD. Think of the free oxygen, let alone, grace and salvation that GOD gives for free. Site monetization is nothing. What if you will find a single advertisement in my site that says:

          Know CHRIST four 99. What comes in your mind? There is no wrong spelling here. I like to do that when I have the time. Know CHRIST four 99 VERSES. 499, I still have a long way to post.

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