January 8, 2021


    1. True, Mandy! It is all GOD’s grace from unborn to eternity and from His (effectual) call to the person until the person’s days in His Heavenly Kingdom (transformed in a glorified body). GOD the FATHER, in His sole prerogative, unconditionally chooses people before creation, who will follow and acknowledge JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior of the person’s life and walk by faith in CHRIST’s way. In our limited perception, that person may not be showing signs of being saved but GOD, in His grace, will call that person to follow JESUS, then that person will be truly saved. Blessings to you, Nathan, and your parents!

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  1. Wow another good verse that shows again of God’s choice (election). And in verse 11 it also its not because of works. God’s election as a doctrine further reinforce the truth that our salvation is not on the basis of our works!

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    1. You are right, Jim! Even our well-intended, generous, and genuine works will lead us to nowhere, not even our own salvation. Apart from GOD, there is no salvation at all. It is GOD the FATHER’s unconditional election; He solely selects not out of our works. He is Omnipresent and Omniscient and knows how we lived our lives; He has that information before He created the universe. Yet, His election is not based on what He knew about how we will live our lives but it is simply because He chose and the reason is His to keep. It is His right and prerogative as our Creator; it is unique to Him because He is Unique. With that in mind, we humbly accept His grace with utmost gratitude and believe in faith in His SON JESUS CHRIST as Lord GOD and Savior. Blessings to you, Nancy, and the kids!

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      1. Amen!! I love when you said “His election is not based on what He knew about how we will live our lives but it is simply because He chose and the reason is His to keep.” To think God chose us because we would choose him is dangerous to assume our works has a part with the basis of our salvation, it is by His sovereign grace! Thanks for linking to our blog!

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        1. True, for this reason, we should humbly accept GOD’s grace, accept JESUS as our Lord GOD and Savior, and follow CHRIST’s way because we have no/zero/null contribution to salvation. It is all GOD’s work. But it does not mean we sinned more especially when the HOLY SPIRIT convicts. We strive to be Heaven-ready. You are right, Jim! GOD did not choose us because we chose Him. He chooses us because He is who He is and He is GOD. Romans 9 is filled with that. Thank you too for the lesson on GOD’s uniqueness. People should know that we cannot limit GOD, He is more than our finite mind can know. We trust Him when He elects. My apologies, I’ve lost track of this comment.

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        2. We need to share these Truths to the world then. Even though our salvation is assured, that is GOD the FATHER elects us and GOD the SON frees us (John 8:36), still it does not give us license to sin further and mock/provoked GOD. When GOD elects a person, there will be change in that person and with GOD’s grace, that person lives a sanctified life by faith in our Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST; convicted by the HOLY SPIRIT.

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        3. Let us continue then sharing the Gospel as the harvest is ongoing. May GOD give us the strength, stamina, and wisdom along the way so we won’t get tired, derailed, or lose “saltiness” in serving Him.

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    1. True, Crissy! GOD is indeed sovereign and in control of all of us! He created us, the universe, and everything that is seen and unseen by today’s technology. We don’t and can’t know everything about GOD, unless maybe when in His Trone room in Heaven. We only know about Him in what He revealed in the Bible. One thing for sure, we believe in faith that He is good, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, unchanging, unique, and sovereign. So we trust what He decides as we know (Psalm 46:10) it is good (Genesis 1:31) as He is good. True, this is powerful and hard to digest if we don’t surrender to GOD’s sovereignty of all that He created and acknowledge Him as GOD. Happy weekend! Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Yes, and I’m sure you have guessed which country this picture was taken. Vietnam! The election is a divine prerogative of GOD. He has the right to choose between two infants, children, or adults; and He chooses them before the creation of the universe.

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  2. I neither know Hebrew nor Greek, but I read from somewhere that in the Hebrew (OT Scripture), the “Esau I have hated” actually translates to “Esau I have loved less”. I would like to think that prior to birth, God doesn’t hate anyone; and He loves us Gentiles too. But He hates sin, it is repulsive to Him.

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    1. You are right, Manang CF! GOD hates sin and those who sin (Colossians 1:21). We became enemies with GOD because of sin (Romans 8:7-8) as sin cannot stand in His Holiness and presence. We have the original sin from Adam. Sin is like a virus and for analogy sake, GOD’s Holiness is like the sun and placing virus in enter of the sun, it will burned; just like sin if it comes to GOD’s presence. For this reason, JESUS CHRIST atoned for all our sins in the cross (Romans 5:10) and clothe us with His righteousness so, when we are in His Heavenly Kingdom, we won’t be burned in GOD the FATHER’s presence.

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