January 9, 2021


    1. …”And the knowledge of the Holy One is insight” (Proverbs 9:10). GOD chose Jacob and blessed His decendants over Esau. Esau’s decendants were the Edomites. Part of their territory back then is shown in the picture i.e. Petra in Aqaba, Jordan. Blessings to you and your family.

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    1. Yes, Romans 9/Paul extracted it from Micah 1:2b-3a. Jacob/Israel continued the line of Abraham as the covenant people of GOD’s choosing. Esau lost his heritage and started a new line that became the neighboring Edomites, whose desert, mountainous and hilly territory stretches to Aqaba, Jordan where Petra is.

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        1. The Book (Sole Chapter) of Obadiah does discuss about Edom, its enmity with Israel and its fate. This whole Chapter does point out what not being chosen by GOD the FATHER means; namely: prideful heart that was brought down by GOD, despised by peers, deceived and betrayed by allies, and plundered and invaded. A fate out of GOD’s grace and guidance. Edom was lost and annexed by Egypt. Eventually its territory is divided to what we know as the modern day Israel and Jordan. We had a DRM project in Aqaba in 2011 funded by UNDP.

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        2. I love Obadiah! Maybe one day I can teach this for Tuesday Bible Study (Wednesday morning Bible study for your time). Wow you definitely know quite a bit about Edom and also that’s interesting you guys have a project there in 2011. Were you able to visit Aqaba?

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        3. Really, looking forward to the lesson, Jim. The sole chapter spells what it is like of being fallen off from GOD’s grace since the beginning. A downward spiral of no guidance. They have their “god.” Also, I’m curious if Abraham and Issac’s household and staff became Edomites as Jacob left/escaped alone and went to Liban. Doing things remotely as PM of the project.

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        4. The experience is limited to certain fields only, Jim! The best experience is serving GOD in whatever means, which most people will just take for granted but it is actually long-lasting/for eternity.

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        5. GOD indeed is sovereign even as He moved the pieces and directs our lives for His sovereign plan, will, and purpose. Just like those who also experienced the modern-day Jonas in the world, we get caught by a storm of our lives trying to do other things (escape His great commission), then get drawn for GOD’s mission (swallowed by huge fish), only to share GOD’s Word to the world (to Nineveh).

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        6. Talking about salvation from GOD and also acceptance on the Truth of His salvation, this is also like GOD’s workers in the vineyard. Some received GOD’s gift of grace early on while others towards the later part of their lives and still they received salvation equally in the end. It is never too late for anyone to receive JESUS CHRIST as Lord GOD and Savior.

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        7. Amen! And you used it as an example in your presentation. As the GOD’s Grace series is ending, I’m thinking of having the Parables series starting with the Vineyard. Maybe right after the Armor of GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT series.

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  1. Answering your question: Doing well but so busy with counseling and talking to people with everything going on in the US. Lots of bibilcal encouragement and exhortatoin. Thanks for asking! Good night!

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    1. Yes, the southern tip border of Edom is where Aqaba, Jordan is now. The verse states of hill country and yes, Edom where the Edomites were, who were Esau’s people. Originally, I opted to put as background a Jackal on a desert but this hilly location is “very appropriate” indeed. I pray to GOD that the succeeding verses will be like that. By GOD’s grace and providence, I’ve found one background for Romans 33-34 few days ago.

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