January 10, 2021


    1. GOD’s grace indeed, Mandy! You are right, we are grateful for His mercy and praising Him for His love. This is a continuation of the January 8, 2021 post. Jacob was chosen and not Esau, even before they were born because GOD gives mercy to whom He chooses to give mercy. Not all people in the world are chosen by GOD. When we received GOD’s mercy, we received it humbly with gratefulness. Blessings to you, Nathan, and your family!

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    1. Then the more we should be humble in accepting such gargantuan favor from GOD, for we are unworthy ourselves to receive His unconditional sovereign mercy. It is GOD who determines whom He elects. We are all equally the same as sinners and not entitled nor have any merit at all. Yet, the Triune GOD had mercy so we can have a right relationship with Him. This is true, mind-blowing to comprehend indeed, Jim! This needs a right and saved heart to understand it and accept it as Truth; Only GOD can give a heart that accepts the Truth. Grateful to GOD for His mercy! Blessings to you, Nancy, and your kids.

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      1. This is quite true as well: “ Only GOD can give a heart that accepts the Truth”. Only by His grace have the verses you shared on election been something I can see as teaching as about God’s sovereign election and not Synge this means, etc.

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        1. Yes, only by GOD’s grace can we truly decipher, realize, and receive wholeheartedly. Other than that, it is only (poetic) words that have no relevant meaning. GOD’s election comes in packages and that includes understanding and accepting His Truths.

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    1. We praise the Triune GOD for His mercy towards us, Crissy! Only GOD can give mercy and our effort/work won’t save us nor will we be merited because we are “good.” GOD determines whom He gives mercy and this is His sole right. We humbly accept it with jubilation and life-time gratitude just like a prisoner who was sentenced to life imprisonment but is forgiven for all transgressions. Such awesome mercy indeed; an amazing grace from GOD. So, we must live a sanctified life motivated/powered also by our gratitude to our GOD who chose to give mercy on us. By His mercy, we live by faith. Blessings to you and your ministry!

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        1. You’re welcome, Crissy! It is GOD who gives/supplies our mind with the answers (Matthew 10:19); afterall, it is His revelation through His Word. He is sovereign on everything, including the synapses of our brain and memory. So, we humbly share the Gospel and draw people to the Triune GOD; GOD does give us the heart and stamina for it. Blessings to you my friend!

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    1. Praising GOD indeed, Alan, for GOD is good, merciful, and faithful until eternity! True, every day, we experienced and be aware of the benefits of His mercy and grace in us. Not just the oxygen that we breathe but also the renewed heart and mind geared towards following Him by faith as a result of His mercy. We become sensitive to His will as we strive to be holy in our living that He too ensures and completes in the end. Indeed it is all GOD’s work, all because of His grace and mercy. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Amen to that Manang CF! True, we all (100%) have sinned and should have been condemned but GOD showed mercy to whom He elects. You are right, it is because of GOD the FATHER’s love that He gave His only and most precious SON. And the only way we can be saved solely by His grace/mercy and have a right relationship with GOD the FATHER, is through JESUS CHRIST alone; accepting and confessing that He is both the Lord GOD of our lives (i.e. we follow Him by faith alone), and the Savior who atoned for all our sins.

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      1. The doctrine of election is a tricky thing (probably not the passage we’d be quoting when introducing someone first time to the Gospel). But Romans 9 gives us an answer. Not an excuse though to stop evangelising (“And how will they hear without someone preaching?”). I won’t pre-empt anymore as I know you’ll still get to the Potter bit, the vessels of wrath and vessels of mercy. God bless you in His ministry, Kent.

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        1. Thank you Manang CF! Salamat kaayo sa encouragement! Indeed, among the doctrines introduced in the GOD’s Grace series, it is the most tricky as it introduces the Truth that there are people who won’t be chosen from the beginning. Only GOD knows who these persons are and it is hard to make “haka-haka” or an assumption because GOD also saves a person He elects on his/her 11th hour in life and even the vilest ones will be saved if GOD chose the person to know Him, repent, change ways, accept/confess JESUS as Lord GOD and Savior, walk by faith and sanctified life in CHRIS, and be in Heaven; the things that was discussed awhile ago. So, we call everyone to just humbly accept JESUS as the Lord GOD of his/her life and know that all sins were forgiven. And acknowledge that this is GOD the FATHER’s grace alone, that is received by faith alone (no amount of works can save us) through JESUS CHRIST’s atoning sacrifice alone (no other way but JESUS).

          For this reason, the order/sequence was changed, placing election from the beginning ofnthe series to the last. Those other dictrines help usbunderstand why GOD elects po.

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    1. You are right, Manang CF on pointing to the fact that even faith itself comes from Him and I agree with you my fellow Iskolar ng Bayan! GOD seeked us first and opened the door that we can have faith in Him! We don’t seek GOD, holiness, and His Word. Without Him choosing us first, we are doomed to be “wiped out” or heading to hell because no matter our well-intended “goodness” we cannot save ourselves. Because GOD does elect us, He calls us, gives us grace, redeems us from all our sins, reveals Himself and His will through His Word i.e. the Bible we read, puts His commands in our heart, justifies our faith in Him, convicts/guides/intercedes for us, completes our sanctification/holiness process, accepts us in His Heavenly Kingdom, and transforming our earthly body into a glorified Heaven-ready one. All these Truths we believe in faith in our Triune GOD, that He also gives. How wonderful and amazing our GOD is! Blessings to you and your family!

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