January 15, 2021


    1. True, Mandy! We all should strive to be holy or sanctified in our faith in JESUS CHRIST! We really don’t know who is elected by GOD but if we live in a holy life, reducing and eventually rejecting sin, then that is the evidence that the Triune GOD is working in our salvation as His elect.

      We won’t choose GOD but if He elects us and comes in our life, then we can strive to be holy because He is there with us. Blessings to you, Nathan, and your parents!

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  1. We don’t have intrinstic “usefulness;” it is solely God’s grace as the Potter. Yet once we know we are saved by believing in God and Christ we should live by grace to be an honorable vessel!

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    1. True, Jim! Well said! There is nothing we can give to GOD that He did not create nor serve Him that He has not repaid many times over before; nothing we creatures/molded have to give to the Creator/molder. So, out of GOD’s grace, He elects us, we are saved, we repent, there will be a noticeable change in our hearts as we long for the Triune GOD, seek JESUS as our Lord GOD and Savior, know His will, and live a sanctified/holy life by faith in Him. We are confident in these changes in our life’s direction knowing that the Triune GOD is always there and works in our salvation. Blessings to you, Nancy, and the kids!

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      1. I love the comment especially this: “ So, out of GOD’s grace, He elects us, we are saved, we repent, there will be a noticeable change in our hearts” love it when God changes hearts!

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        1. True! We continue praying that GOD changes the hearts of people for JESUS CHRIST. Although the reception of GOD’s grace is varied, it still it is best not to reject but act on GOD’s grace by faith.

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    1. You are right, Ed! In our perception of self-determination, the truth is GOD is the Lord and in control of our life, including our “destiny.” True, our focus is on GOD and the resource is the Bible. And man-made traditions that are not Biblical should be rejected.


      1. Oo, dahil “lahat ng kasulatan ay kinasihan ng Diyos” samantala ang mga tradisyon at doktrina ay bunga ng isip ng tao. Malaki ang nagiging resulta sa destiny natin kung nagpapahubog tayo sa Bibliya at tinatanggap natin ang patnubay ng Diyos

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    1. True, Crissy! We will all be condemned to hell for all our sins, had GOD the FATHER not merciful and gracious to us and JESUS CHRIST not redeemed us from our sins. But the Triune GOD chose us and rescued us from our sins and sinful nature. With the saving grace of GOD, we have the hope to be in His Heavenly Kingdom. Blessings to you and your family! Good morning!

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      1. Good morning Clark and thank you for your encouraging comment . I couldn’t imagine spending my eternity without God just as I can not live on this earth without Him.
        Blessings for you Sunday.

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