January 26, 2021

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  1. When I think of my sinfulness and foolishness before coming to Christ, I know in my flesh I would not have chosen Him; so grateful Jesus taught how it is the granting of th God the Father for us to be drawn to Him. Sovereign grace is so beautiful

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    1. No one, not one choses or seeks GOD in his/her own accord, and no one does good at all (Romans 3:10-12), Jim! You are right, Sovereign grace is amazing; as with GOD the FATHER’s mercy, love, grace, wrath, and justice, He chose us and presents us to JESUS CHRIST as His own people. GOD the FATHER gives His elect to JESUS CHRIST! Blessings to you, Nancy, and the kids!

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Tom! I’m grateful to GOD for this opportunity to know Him through His Word and articles that you and the rest have written. By the way, I watched again both the American Gospel series this past 3 days. I want to listen to the Truths and doctrines all over again. I still find the documentaries interesting and I’m planning to buy the sequel instead of renting. I aslo saw in Amazon Prime the “Calvinists” documentary and as advertised, it comes with all the doctrines. On this set scriptures, in verse 63, it is implied again that human works “is no help at all.” Blessings to you, Corinne, and your sons!

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    1. Ed, totoo talaga yon! Sang-ayon ako sa iyo! Kailangan natin ang Banal na Espiritu sa ating buhay upang tayo ay gabayan niya, convict ang ating puso kung tayo ay nagkasala, at ilayo sa kasalanan. Naalala mo yong signages ng Jeepney, particularly yong, “GOD knows Hudas not pay” nasa itaas ng dashboard? Yon ang paalala tuwing magbayad i.e. GOD knows who does (sounds like Hudas) not pay. Naalala ko lang yon tuwing nasa verse si Hudas. Sana pagpalain kayo at pamilya nila! Tulog muna.


    1. This is a real Jeepney on display taken inside the Resorts World Manila. This is a typical signage of a jeepney found usually above the dashboard, that is “God Knows Hudas Not Pay.” Because payment is about honesty and the driver cannot really check who did pay and by how much. Sometimes, this signage can be seen as for those people who skipped payment and are the Judas Iscariots of life or country. But what the signage really means is GOD knows who does (sounds like Hudas) not pay. GOD really knows and for that reason, Judas Iscariot, traitor and corrupt he was, was never elected to begin with.

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  2. So grateful that the Father enables us to come to Jesus. In our pre salvation sinful state we would never go to Jesus on our own accord.
    May the Lord bless you richly my friend.

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    1. Thank you for your wish for GOD’s blessings, Crissy! True my friend, because of our sinful human nature, we cannot go towards GOD for He is Holy. GOD the FATHER is just, merciful, patient, and loving for He initiates our salvation starting with our election and draws us to Him, and then presents us to JESUS CHRIST. We now have the desire for GOD as we undergo a holiness/sanctification process that the Son of GOD completes. GOD bless you and your family! And may GOD bless your outreach missions!

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