1. Yes, just like the Bible skeptic, whose baseless allegations you constantly refute. This is an example of those who read or encountered the Gospel and yet are so blind to GOD’s Word and the means to know Him and His salvation for humankind. May GOD bless you as you meticulously debunk the skeptics poorly researched and lacking proper perspective allegations.

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    1. You are right, Agehamodoki! That bird is a robin (yes, Batman’s sidekick) according to category from the free pictures site. This bird in the picture is relative to the Ryukyu robin or Komadori that is found in Ryūkyū Islands Japan. Actually, I’m not familiar with birds, I just checked Wikipedia. Domo arigato gosaimasu!

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  1. While this bird is so adorable, it is tragic that man allows nature to diminish the Word in their lives. May we keep connected to the Vine throwing seeds for Him, waiting and praying for the harvest, even if someone else reaps what God allows us to sow.

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    1. Sadly, humans allowed their nature (which is sinful) to refuse the Gospel of grace and forgiveness. Indeed, “may we keep connected to GOD” in our sanctification and continuesly seek Him! We all will sow/evangelize even if GOD uses our fellow believers to continue what we started as it is GOD alone who calls people to repentance and saving grace. Continuing also in this Parable of the Sower which will last until May 10. Blessings Mandy, to you and your family!

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  2. It is tragic to think of the many souls who reject His Word and Redemption. The bird is a European Robin (common in the UK). We have a pair of them nesting in our conifer in the front garden.

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    1. You are right, Alan! Still, we must continue sharing GOD’s Word even if one in every one hunded will accept and lived by GOD’s Word by faith i.e. following JESUS. Yes, the harvest is still there and those who reject once might see it differently the second time and might accept the message. That is good to know that you have the same adorable bird near you. It is good to see and hear from birds every morning and thanking GOD for HIS wonderful creation. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Grateful to GOD for that one. Hopefully, it does not take you away from the scripture. The challenging graphic is JESUS’ explanation on the rock and thorns as there are many possibilities with less pictures.

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