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  1. Gersom,
    The graphic of the palm reader is so fitting as an example of how the evil one snatches away the seed that is the word of God. So many would rather run to the devil’s lies & half-truths than trust God’s word.
    Blessings to you,
    ~ 🕊Dora

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    1. You said it accurately, Dora! Bullseye to be precised! True, not believing in GOD and His Word makes a person very (much) susceptible to the schemes and lies of the devil as he/she will have no basis/guidance from scripture nor the HOLY SPIRIT to help him/her discern (to the right path). If Christians can be swayed, how much more those who won’t even exposed themselves in knowing GOD. Indeed, it is an inconvenient truth but there are people who would rather trust/consult/go for other means for security etc, than GOD and the Bible; and fortune telling is one of them. There are many ways to portray verse 19 as we can see many examples in our environment and in our world but this kind of unbiblical (e.g. witchcraft) reliance by people is something worth noting. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. You are right, Jim, it is a form of snatching like any other ways that evil entices people in this world. GOD hates witchcraft as seen in Leviticus 19-20 and witchcraft not only defiles the person but also redirects his/her trust and security away from GOD who sustains him/her with Oxygen and more. Without the knowledge of 1) GOD’s “commanded will” that is found in the Bible and 2) the Truths, there will be no “human way” that people who are immersed into this can be enlightened with its dark implications, repent, and change ways except when GOD acts on it according to His “sovereign will.”

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      1. Preach it! Witchcraft and the occult in America seems to be cool and trendy and no longer seen as a spiritual threat so your post, image and comment is needed! We need to repent of our sins and come to Jesus!

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        1. Amen, I agree 100%! We also have “Christian” sects whose fascination on the spiritual realm/demonic/deliverance ministries look like practices found in the world than sound Christianity. I don’t know if it’s from Nathan’s military background or what but he has been pointing out Wiccan symbols that people are wearing or have tatted on their bodies. This is a growing and concerning trend.

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        2. Wow Nathan sounds like Jin; both military men who also point out occultist symbols and I’m like “wow I didn’t realized that.” Its so trendy these days to have the occulting be a fashion statement.

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  2. I was tired last night so forgive me for my late comment. When I saw this image and I was like good one Kent! It’s sad that people are willing to put stock and weight into palm readers, fortune tellers, etc but completely dismiss the Word of God as silly or provincial. Human history will come to an end, even fortune tellers get that right, may God use your blog to seek and hear Truth while there is still time!

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  3. Actually Mandy, there are many ways we can portray the “succumbing to the dark side” verse and we can even have a picture of doing good deeds without the Lord GOD and Savior in his/her life. But fortune telling, talisman, and all kinds of witchcraft/pseudoscience is a menace to people who either refused the Gospel or are not exposed well on GOD’s Word as these will redirect them further from GOD. It is also a problem of Christians, especially those who would call themselves “not practicing in their faith.” You are right, they will “completely dismiss the Word of God” as they rely on something that is not GOD and that GOD abhors (Leviticus 19-20); with their goal to determine their chances in the future through zodiac readings, tarot, or astrology. So, those whose heart that finds the “Word of God as silly or provincial” can easily be swayed by the devil and deliver them to hell. We can pray that it will not be too late for them and GOD will use someone to share the Gospel with them. Thank you for your kindness! Blessings to you, Nathan, and your family!

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