1. Grateful to GOD for the picture! It is hard to find a Bible Study picture in the free sites. They have good notes too and can be seen in the original resolution. The picture also make me say thank you very much, Jim, for the lessons during the Wednesday morning Bible Study, PH time of course.

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        1. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Jim, much appreciated! There are other (ongoing) ways too, actually. Besides, we must learn to trust GOD on His Sovereign will. If GOD leads just one person whom He calls, it is mission accomplished already for me and worth the GOD given time, effort etc solely on this medium. If work starts, naturally…. Grateful to GOD for this opportunity and meeting with Christians and future believers. Serving Him does not end with a blog as a medium as it did not end in a YouTube Channel (of the same pseudonym) the first time around, 13 years ago. So, let us trust GOD and continue serving Him (with a possibility in a different way)!

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