October 18, 2021

9 thoughts on “October 18, 2021

    1. Thank you so much, Mandy! I’m grateful to GOD for His direction and inspiration. Without GOD, I’m nothing! Praising GOD for His work in you, me, and all of us who share His Good News of Salvation. GOD bless you my friend! Have you heard of Crissy? Maybe she is on travel, I’ve not heard of her.

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        1. I am praying for Crissy and her family’s salvation, as I pray for all of us who have unsaved family members. I left a message on her last post that we are thinking of her and praying for her too. Thank you for saying something because I have been concerned but didn’t say anything.

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        2. We really need prayers for that, Mandy. Only GOD can touch the hearts. We will wait for her response. Actually, it is hard to wave a flag/send a notice. Chances are, she is on a vaction. We will just pray.

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    1. Grateful to GOD for His mercy and saving grace! Only GOD can save a person and wipe/cancel all sins/debts clean. This is like owning a bank thousands if not millions for all your vacations, purchases, and other pleasures and the bank did not ask for payments after, at all. But if you owe the bank a dollar… Again, we are grateful to GOD. Blessings to you and your family!

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