November 19, 2020


  1. What a glorious hope that He will transform us! Knowing this truth, we should practically prize our citizenship in heaven more than our national and ethnic identity. What grace from our Triune God!

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    1. You are right, Jim, we should give weight/importance on our future heavenly citizenship over our temporal identities as we live by faith, love, and hope in the Triune GOD alone. We also look forward to the transformation of our decayed and weary earthly bodies to be like that of CHRIST’s glorious body when He met His disciples. Indeed, JESUS has the power to subject all things to Himself, including His own people. GOD bless you, Nancy, and your kids!

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        1. Grateful to GOD for His Word, Jim! Thank you. Those who have or perceived has physical ailments, scars, disabilities, and deformities, have something not to worry about, if not rejoice in heaven. We may have one pack abs, reduced hearing on the left ear, and a tiny toddler scar from a shave, like me but in heaven that will be transformed into something…we look forward to in JESUS CHRIST’s return.

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    1. Praising GOD until He comes and perpetually worshipping Him after, Crissy! JESUS will surely come in GOD the FATHER’s appointed time. We can only surmised that it is near. We are looking forward to meeting JESUS CHRIST and be transformed into our glorified body. Blessings to you, your family, your ministry team and your Friday missions!

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        1. I enjoyed watching the documentary. I hope you will like it if you decide to watch it.😃
          Thank you for asking and praying for our outreach .
          It went well yesterday although it breaks me to see how hardened some people’s hearts can be. I always pray that the Lord will give me grace to respond to the attacks or maybe even say nothing at all in response. My flesh always wants to lash out I pray that our God will discipline me in this area.
          God’s Peace

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        2. You are welcome, Crissy! I’m happy to receive information/feedback from your outreach and glad that it went well. Sometimes a person’s heart is hardened now and will not accept GOD’s message of salvation in open arms but later on, when they really need GOD in their life, they will recall what to said and seek Him based on the information you gave. We will pray further that GOD will touched their hearts. I will also pray that GOD will give you grace and discernment to defend GOD and our faith in Him when others attack the Gospel. Maybe GOD wants you to experience His peace inspite of the maelstrom, the kind that gives you thoughts of smiles, patience, forgiveness, and surrender to GOD. I will watch the movie as it sounds interesting too. Blessings and good afternoon!

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    1. We all are, Tangie but with GOD working in our salvation and us keeping the faith in the Triune GOD throughout by following JESUS’ way, GOD will definitely accept us and grant us citizenship. He will also transformed our weary or decayed body into a glorified one, when JESUS CHRIST returns. What an amazing promise and assurance GOD has for us. GOD bless you, your family, and blog ministry!

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