December 30, 2021

7 thoughts on “December 30, 2021

  1. I love the picture you selected for this passage. It must have been such a tender moment for Simeon. I imagine that his eyes brimmed with tears of joy. Oh there is so much to be learned from Simeon and his example of waiting as we await Jesus’ return.

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    1. Beth, very true that Simeon is an example for us to wait for the Lord GOD, JESUS CHRIST (Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 27:14). You are right, just like Simeon who once gratefully hold JESUS in his hands, we too will have tears of joy when He comes again! In a world where gratification is almost instantaneous, such discipline i.e. to wait for GOD’s answer in faith, is needed. A blessed 2021 to you and your family, Beth and advance happy new year!

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