January 9, 2022

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    1. Very true, Michael! No one prevents a person from having a right relationship with GOD the FATHER when He calls because of JESUS CHRIST atoning sacrifice and imputed righteousness to the person; let alone be baptized to symbolically affirmed his/her conviction and start a life guided by the HOLY SPIRIT. Blessings to you and your family!

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  1. Great image, Kent!!! I love that we do not need to be physically whole to be in a relationship with the Triune God. So thankful that we are not saved by works, physical beauty, baptism etc. I love reading the might works of the Holy Spirit in Acts!

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    1. Very true, Mandy! GOD in eternity past elected/choose people, who will be called and kept by JESUS CHRIST, and guided/interceded by the HOLY SPIRIT. So works are just a manifestation that a person has been renewed and baptism is just a symbolic way to signify a start in faith. Physical beauty, well, maybe in a glorified body that GOD gives. But what it is inside the heart of the faithful or otherwise is what GOD looks into. There are many sets of verses on the HOLY SPIRIT in the Book of Acts and other books that were already covered in the past posts, particularly under the “HOLY SPIRIT Dwells” category. Blessings to you and Nathan!

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