1. Imposible maging kasingbanal ng Diyos pero dapat pa rin iwasan ng kristyano anumang bagay na nagpaparungis at kasuklam-suklam sa Diyos gaya ng labis ng alak, sigarilyo, maruming pananalita at iba pang mga bagay na karaniwan sa ngayon

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    1. Sang ayon ako sa iyo, Ed! Kahit anong pang gawin ng tao, hindi pa rin siya perfecto. Sa kabilang dako, napakawalang galang sa Panginoong Diyos kung ang isang kristyano ay namumuhay ng taliwas sa kanyang bilin o aral o batas. Ang kanilang masuklam-suklam na buhay, (gaya ng marumi at malansang pananalita, nanaksil, labis na alak at iba pang pagsisira ng katawan, at iba pang bisyo di nabangit) ay nag patunay na hindi sila totoo niligtas ng Diyos. Subalit, kung sila’y nagsisi sa Panginoon and nagbagong buhay, sila ay ligtas.


        1. Yon yong tawag na back sliding/derailment. Mahirap magbigay kung ano talaga ang huling patutunguhan sa taong ganyan. Kung ako lang, baka di na makapunta ng langit yong tao na yan, pero iba nga ang Panginoong Diyos, walang impossible sa kanya at ang kanyang thoughts and ways iba sa atin.


    1. You are absolutely right, Mandy! GOD is GOD. He is the perfect creator of everything down to the smallest atom to the vastness of space. You add all His attributes, Holiness included, He is truly awe amazing! Now, in our walk in life, witnessing/ministry included, GOD is the main–the banner of our lives, and we are focused on and surrendering everything to Him.

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    1. This is timely Crissy, because Ed and I have just discussed something like this. (This can found in the earlier comments in Filipino.) While it is true that Christians, as imperfect beings, sinned everyday. It is hard to be a Christian in faith in CHRIST alone and not to try living in JESUS’ teachings and precepts; having strong faith in Him. Also, the HOLY SPIRIT will guide is to do what is right or discern

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  2. Really? Life is full of that. Here, GOD does not want the Israelites to defile themselves by eating animals like snakes, rats, and worms. GOD does not want His chosen people to lose their sanctity. But in the New Testament, these animals/food are not prohibited by GOD. Our body is still a temple of GOD though.

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