1. Originally man was not even supposed to eat living creatures because in the garden of Eden the only food was plant-based. The more humanity drifts away from the original perfection the more the tendency to treat animals in a cruel manner for food.
    The Creator allowed humans to eat the flesh of the wild beasts but that was only after the flood. If Adam didn’t sin we would still be eating fruits and vegetables which is pampalusog

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    1. You are right, Ed! It was really a paradise were both humans and animals roamed and there was no bloodletting for food. Now, in our fallen nature, thanks to Adam, Eve, and the deceiver, we are not only cruel to animals for food and decoration but also riuning our environment. The original design meant to have a healthy/pampalusog diet and lifestyle. There will be no cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, to name some. But, we love lechon now. Someday, we will have our glorified body but for now, let us live in faith in the Triune GOD and try eating healthy food. Lechon and sinugba pa more.

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    1. Yes, JJ, thank GOD the FATHER for His grace and thank JESUS for saving us. With GOD’s saving grace, we now live in faith in the Triune GOD. And can now eat what was once prohibited. Likewise, JJ, stay safe! GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. All praises to the Triune GOD! ☝️🙂👍 We are now diving into the selected miscellaneous laws and other statutes and then to the nature of man vis-à-vis sin. I pray that the readers will have patience because the verses on grace is coming but we have to pass this road first. A blessed week, Jim!

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