1. Blasphemy is a serious sin with serious consequences. GOD does not tolerate using His name in vain or ridiculing Him who created, saved and sustains us. Like someone we revered, we cannot poked on

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      1. Indeed His name being blasphemed is serious. When I evangelize I sometimes talk to people about blasphemy and ask as an illustration if it’s ok for others walking by to talk bad about your mom. Of course not! They don’t know your mom and also your mom has given you life, taken care of you, etc. likewise blasphemy is wicked.

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  1. Thanks, Kent. I remember back fifty years ago when the use of God’s name as a cuss word or as an exclamation was frowned upon by most in society. The practice is now widely acceptable. We Christians can also blaspheme God’s name when we address Him as Lord yet willfully disobey Him.

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    1. True, Tom! There are many examples. Some have compartmentalized their Christian life with their usual thing. On a different note, what a timely thing. I’m currently watching videos and reading on materials relevant on the article you had yesterday. I’m in the verge of making a comment on that post.

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  2. And all the more so because the name of the Lord is not just a label: the Tetragrammaton YHWH actually means “he causes to become”.
    He created with a purpose and our purpose in life depends upon fitting our life into God’s purpose

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    1. Ed, I agree with you!! Thank you for sharing this! That is, if I may say, tantamount to surrendering our life to GOD’s sovereign will. Making GOD on top of our decisions thru prayer. I’m still struggling/working on that area of surrendering to Him completely and thanking the Triune GOD for His mercy. GOD bless you and your family!


        1. Tagay na to! Kaso, alaska yoghurt drink lang inum ko ngayon. Special occassions nalang ang drinks (pang socials lang kaso wala na sa panahon ngayon) at mahirap bumili sa online kung gusto man.

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