1. Good morning, Mandy! You are right, JESUS was brought up in a humble home; thanking GOD that those low-cost birds can be an alternative pre-calvary time. On hindsight, “the real” Lamb was prepared for the next 30 plus years so the turtledoves were appropriate. Here, preparing for the last few posts and the hard parts on the Law. Next month will be on grace and justification by faith.

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    1. Domo arigato gozaimasu, Agehamodoki san! It looks like special pigeon by its plumage. The photographer is Jonas Dautel, who uploaded the picture at pexels.com. Those pigeons on the 19th are the turtledoves. Maybe I’ve seen one in Japan but I did not recognize it as turtledoves. But there many pigeons that I also took pictures in Kokura Castle and Ueno Park in Japan.


    1. Amen! GOD is good, His mercies endures forever. Without GOD the FATHER’s grace and JESUS’ sacrifice, we are burning pigeons now for nothing (against perennial sin). GOD bless you, Crissy!

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    1. True, Ed, it is fascinating! It is again, more of imbibing a principle of completely, consciously and even unconsciously loving the Triune GOD and your neighbor, rather than rules to live by. Just like your article on principles and rules. Well, it is hard to implement (gusto ko lang maging totoo), especially with the neighbor. That is why, there is GOD’s grace and mercy, and human’s repentance.

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        1. And amen! I was thinking if I ever preach this passage the focus would be on God’s Grace for people to meet with Him, which In NT reveal it is paid by Christ!

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        2. That will be a sermon of assurance, Jim! Looking forward to hear its snippets. Something to have faith to and cling/hope on; relying solely on the immeasurable grace and mercy of the Triune GOD in ones life because we fail miserably even in our “good works/motives.”

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