1. Obscure often overlooked scripture – the endless laws… one that stood out “Whoever takes an animals life shall make it good, life for life.” That’s interesting. How in the world can one ‘make it good?’

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    1. Hi Beck! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I supposed, this verse pertains to killing someone’s ox, sheep, and other farm animals (with reference to the June 10, 2020 post). The culprit will have to repay the owner with animals (my assumption is, it is of the same kind and built). True, it is indeed an obscure set of scriptures. Probably because first, it can be summarized into two commands i.e. love GOD and your neighbor, second, only JESUS has satisfied/not broken all those Laws and all of us failed, and third, GOD’s grace (that will be the next in the series).

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      1. Interesting too – I read somewhere that the laws actually provided a great deal of protection against disease and such – so might have been more about the healthiest way to live as apposed to this oppressive set of rules. It was a fascinating read and got me thinking. I wish I could remember the book.
        Grace! Without it there could be no life.

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        1. True, Beck, these Laws were meant for an orderly, healthy, and GOD loving/fearing society; humans fail. The merciful GOD bestows grace to underserving humans like us, and must be received by faith alone, in faith in JESUS alone. And as you have said, no [after] life without it. GOD bless you and your family Beck! I’ll check on your Tori series. Good night for now.

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    1. Yes, I agree with you, Jim! This is the final verse (the famous tooth for a tooth verse 👁👁) on the Law subseries that makes us so happy and “grateful” for GOD’s grace that saves us alone in faith in our Savior JESUS CHRIST. We cannot satisfy all the provisions and statutes, and we fail miserably, which the next set of verses will show. Thanking the Triune GOD that we are living under grace and not Law.

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