1. Good morning Gersom!
    Ah yes, the light and fragrance of JESUS has those who do not love GOD and HIS son JESUS snarl and hiss when they first smell the scent of JESUS and then see HIS light in us.
    Ever enter a room and have people turn around and give you an evil eye? Even before they knew you? If you have, then you know what I mean.

    Have a blessed day, and thank you very much for the words of GOD you preach each and every day! Many blessings!

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    1. Good morning too, JJ! GOD bless you, and your family my friend! True, JJ, there are some who are not saved or yet to be saved have that adverse reaction to JESUS, i.e. the fragrant Sacrifice, and His teachings; but they too see the difference in our lives (and our actions) because we lived in faith in the Triune GOD. Some of them will change i.e. see “JESUS’ light in us.” It does not guarantee however, that a number of them will not mistreat us. Sometimes, they see this new life in CHRIST as a form of weakness and easy to trample like a doormat. Even Christians do that to Christians. But if it happens to us, we press on, knowing that we will someday see GOD and of course our Christian oppressor in heaven.

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    1. Indeed it is a significant verse. It is a call to action from GOD (through the GOD-inspired words of Paul), Crissy, to follow JESUS’ way i.e. living a life of loving GOD and neighbor. GOD bless you, Crissy!

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