1. The Triune GOD is wonderful, merciful, and unchanging, indeed. If He changed and isn’t merciful, He could reboot the garden. He is wonderful. Now, we received GOD’s righteousness through faith in JESUS alone, believing that JESUS is GOD, Lord, and Savior who washes all our sins with His blood; allowing us to be cleanse from sin, and be pure in the presence of GOD in His judgement seat in heaven. GOD bless you and your extended family, Ed!

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      1. God can bestow many blessings. However it is very interesting that when God spoke to Abraham he said that “all nations will bless themselves”, the literal meaning in the original language there is not “will be (passively) blessed” but rather “will (actively) bless themselves”. We have to proactively take action to receive the blessings. I am doing the best I can and so far my marriage and family life has experienced a decent amount of blessings despite the ups and downs.
        Thank you for your kind words

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        1. Yes, true Ed we should take proactive action in/under GOD’s grace by loving the Triune GOD and neighbor (including the nearest human) as we walk in our life. I’ve seen people who are blessed because of their proactive action of loving GOD and neighbor. But I believe that no amount of our good actions (including this blog) and intentions can ever clean a percentage of a single sin in a million sins committed in life nor draw as an inch closer to heaven; it is all grace coming from GOD alone in belief and faith in JESUS alone. All this talk of proactiveness reminded me of my Disaster Risk Management and Emergency Management work for 7 years. In reducing the risks from natural hazards one must have a proactive mindset (e.g. mitigate/prepare for disasters).


        2. Yes, obviously no amount of action and good works can undo the imperfection we inherited from Adam and that’s exactly why we need the ransom sacrifice. Yet the Bible says that instead of passivey waiting for blessings to shower from heaven we must “pummel our bodies and lead them like slaves” as Paul wrote and strive to go through the narrow gate that Jesus mentioned.
          But, yes, obviously no amount of striving will ever be enough so we need God’s undeserved kindness

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    1. Jim, praise GOD for His saving grace alone in faith in JESUS CHRIST alone! It is an assurance that we are truly saved by GOD through faith in JESUS; where our hope is anchored. GOD bless you, pastor, and your family!

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    1. True, Crissy! Without JESUS, there will be no hope for us nor salvation for our souls! We won’t be believing GOD as gentiles. And immorality is at its worst in the world. GOD bless you Crissy, and good morning when you read this.

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