August 25, 2020


    1. The faith of the woman is commendable indeed, ma’am Bonnie! Such faith, figuratively, could move mountains (of problems/ailments). And in her case, cured her. Believing/accepting that JESUS can cure her spells the difference.

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        1. True, ma’am Bonnie, it is all GOD’s will and purpose for us and His larger plan for humankind that matters. Actually, that particular set of verses on Paul “thorn” in his flesh, sufficiency of GOD’s saving grace, and JESUS’ power resting on him so he delights in his weaknesses, is my favorite. Blessings to you and your family, ma’am!

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    1. True, Crissy, it does give an encouragment; having a strong faith in Him. If the cure was not been felt due to the excitement of being healed, the words alone uplifts the heart. She was cured.
      If it happens today i.e. hearing JESUS speaking now, “such an honor” would still be an understatement of how an unworthy is being communicated and healed by the only GOD.

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    1. True, Jim! We are grateful to the Triune GOD for His saving grace and revealing why and how through the Gospel. It is the best and ultimate gift, the salvation of our souls. Granting us to worship Him forever in heaven and NOT being tormented forever in hell.

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