August 26, 2020

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  1. “Jesus, Son of David! Have mercy on me!” Sweetest words because we know that when they’re said in faith, they are heard and answered! Yes, even now!

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    1. True, Dora, when we ask our Lord JESUS directly or ask GOD the FATHER in JESUS’ name with strong conviction in faith that He will give it. JESUS will hear and the answer it either exact, a better one or something that will ultimately be the best. GOD responses to our needs especially those who believe that nothing is impossible with Him. But it is all according to His sovereign plan and time. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Amen! There are many to take in these selected verses, Mandy. Having sight deprivation for an unknown duration that made him beg at a roadside, Bartimaeus may not be accustomed to the visual environment around him that he sees in black, unrecognizable shapes and lights, or in cave like area. According to a study by Dr. Sinha as cited by The New Yorker, when a blind person sees for the first time, he/she is stunned and everything is “blurry, incoherent, and saturated by brightness and swirls of colors that do not make sense as shapes.” The miracle of JESUS was not just the blind seeing but also he (i.e. his brain) copes with it instantaneously and he follows JESUS on the road; maybe admiring the things he sees along the way. I wonder what will be the moment when the spiritualy blind sees for the first time? What a wonderful Savior GOD we have in JESUS! On a different note, the line “Rabbi, let me recover my sight.” For me, Mandy, is like Peter walking on water when he still have faith like a mustard seed for a moment, until his fear curtailed his achievement. GOD bless you and your entire family always!

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      1. Kent, the Lord has just used you in a VERY powerful, meaningful, life changing way! Both of my in-laws (Nathan’s parents) are blind. His mother was born blind and his dad always knew he would lose his sight. My great Uncle Amos was also born blind. With that said, I NEVER considered the effect/affect that having one’s physical sight restored to them would have on their brain/mental processing.

        Every physically blind person I have ever met is always smiling. I have always thought in terms of when one sense is missing/lacking the other senses become intensified. Kent, I seriously NEVER considered what it would be like for a blind or deaf person to see or hear for the first time and all that would entail. Thank you for this, Brother! I often write and pray about the spiritually blind to see. You have correlated this in a more meaningful way, yea God!

        Sleep well, Brother, knowing that God has used you in a mighty way in my life!

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        1. Mandy, I’m melting, not because I just finished a 2-hour ironing while listening to musicals but your words did it. I did not know and what a coincidence with my response and Nathan’s parents and your grand relative. Before I worked into the graphics last night, I checked first on what a previously blind person sees for the first time, my only assumption was blurry but I get more than that. There is this splash of colorful lights and everything seems bright for them. It does take time for the brain to associate a person, a thing, an element, even shapes etc.

          True, other senses will compensate and that is what they call an enhanced sensory both in real life and comics, although my 70% hearing on my left ear did not give a 130% boost on my right, nor enhanced my other senses, nor paved a way for a new/sixth one. It just however, gave me discounts on food and services, and free movies every Tuesday on selected cinemas/theatres as a PWD. Using a hearing aide does help and I guess that is what normal is. The spiritually blind is another thing and we only have to surrender it to GOD for He knows who He elects/owns and that will be a coming set of verses soon. We just have to remember that even the vilest of persons, if GOD calls that person, that same person changes, brokenly repents to GOD, and follow Him even in that person’s 11th hour. There is hope for those who see themselves spiritually blind now but repents to GOD, singing worship songs later in heaven. So, I don’t worry them for now. Yes, Mandy, tonight, by all means I will sleep early because yesterday, no matter how many sheeps and goats I thought of jumping on the gate, I did not sleep until 8:00AM today.

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    1. True, Jim! He is a merciful GOD, the Son of Man. He hates sins but His mercy is so great, wide, and immeasurable. When we ask for His mercy, He will surely pardon us. He ask us to follow Him and do the same. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. True, Crissy! The Gospel shows JESUS’ tender heart in many situations and even at calvary. He sees the yearnings of the afflicted, the outcasts, and the sinners looking for a Savior even Today. All praises to the Triune GOD who inspires us and provides the materials (e.g. free pictures) like the ram He gave to Abraham as a substitute for Isaac. GOD bless you, Crissy!

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        1. Thank you, Crissy, for your wish and prayer! I pray the same for your ministry, especially it involves face-to-face interactions. I pray that your ministry strengthens further and you and your team will be protected while sharing the Gospel of salvation. Blessings my friend!

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    1. Most of the times, it is the faith of persons near JESUS and all of the times it is JESUS’ sovereign will and divine providence alone that He did the miracles.


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