August 27, 2020

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      1. True, Jim and Mandy, it is all about His love/grace towards us. GOD is indeed gracious even if our faith is as small/miniscule as a mustard seed as long as it is geared/centered towards GOD as the source. GOD will fill our tiny faith like an empty glass and He does the”moving of the mountain” by the mustard seed size faith of ours connected to Him (like a tug boat to an aircraft carrier/super tanker). GOD bless you guys and your respective families!

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  1. Thanks, Kent! Although I’ve read this particular passage MANY times, your photo is the first time I’ve actually seen a mustard seed. Yup, there was that mountain of sin that was removed from me when I trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior by faith alone!

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      1. You are not alone, Tom, Mandy, and Paula, as it was only the other day that I knew of the mustard seed’s size. Quite small though for something that grows (i.e. the plant) taller than a human. Just like our faith. Before the seed, I only knew of the mustard as a table sauce or the one that we pour on our 2nd favorite global snack on a bun. Seriously, I am happy that through faith in JESUS alone, you all were able to throw that mountain of sin and now living in a clean slate in a saved state in the name of our Savior and Lord. Blessing to you guys and your respective families!

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  2. When searching the other day about the mustard seed, Paula, I realized that it is the same size as the seed of one of our common veggie in the Philippines, Pechay Tagalog or Snow Cabbage. In our Home Economics class in 4th Grade, we planted and nurtured that vegetable until either someone in the school neighborhood harvested it or it remained rotten due to oversupply. Unlike the less than two feet long pechay, the mustard grows to 30 feet. So is our faith when planted nurtured linked to the Triune GOD.

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