16 thoughts on “August 31, 2020

    1. Good evening there, Mandy! Thank GOD, weekend was fine and we were listening to sermons by pastor Erwin Lutzwer. How is the finishing touches proceeding? I reckon you were busy the past few days with your home. This verse is an introductory post of the Justified by Faith subseries for September. Wow, time flies fast and here in the Philippines, starting tomorrow, Christmas music will be played until a week after Christmas.


    1. Amen! When we believe in faith that JESUS is GOD, the Messiah that the Bible points to, and the only way to GOD the FATHER, by our faith, we are justified. When we confess this truth sincerely with belief from the bottom of our heart, it the proof that we are saved, Crissy!

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      1. What great salvation we have. To think that God became man in Jesus to rescue those that will believe. It’s amazing how each person in The Godhead has to do with our salvation.
        Trust your weekend is going well.
        Blessings Clark.

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    1. That is how immeasurable and unfathomable GOD’s grace towards us that we only have to sincerely believe in JESUS who died for our all sins and is now seated with GOD the FATHER, being GOD Himself. A victory in JESUS indeed, Jim! Truly, His grace is amazing!

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