September 1, 2020


    1. You said it well, Mandy! Good evening! Yes, may we hunger/seek our Lord GOD, JESUS CHRIST more in our lives, “to feel His heart and to know His mind”; may it be through reading the Bible or reflecting on GOD’s presence in our lives. Blessings to you and your family! Btw, Christmas music has just officially started in the country.

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      1. WOW! Christmas music already! I am SO glad that everyday is both Christmas and Easter, thank You Jesus for entering our world, dying and reconciling us to you! I am thankful for you Kent!!!! Love and blessings to you and your family!! Slumber well, dear brother!!!

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        1. Yes, Mandy, it is the first day of the four “ber” months and some homes will start decorating already. Christmas here is a long (commercial) festivity were carols are sang before Halloween, Octoberfest, etc. We had a “joke” here in the country (probably began in March) that a Christmas song will be sang by a famous local artist (He just did that on TV earlier today) and the pandemic is still on going. Thank you, Mandy, I’m hoping to sleep early! Thanking our Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST. Blessings to you, Nathan, and your entire family!

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    1. May it be, Jim, may it be! May we also see our salvation (from sin and hell) solely in JESUS. And may people ask our Savior to come into their lives as nothing in the whole world could give the peace and calm of mind and heart, security of souls, and the assurance of life away from eternal torment, than JESUS CHRIST. GOD bless you, Nancy, and your kids!

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    1. You are right, Crissy, without JESUS CHRIST, there is nothing we can do, or even others do for us, to be spiritually strong, redeemed from perpetual torment, or a right relationship with GOD the FATHER. It takes only the SON of GOD to do it; JESUS is the ONLY way. GOD bless you and your evangelization team!

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  1. Thanks, Kent! Gospel Christians understand that Jesus was using spiritual metaphors here. However, 1.2 billion Roman Catholics interpret Jesus’s words in John 6 literally to refer to the bread wafer and wine consecrated by their priests.

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    1. We thank GOD, Tom, for enlightening us on what JESUS really meant. Thank you too for your sharing them in your article. Unlike a magic pill that endows superpowers on fictional shows, the wafer is just an ordinary symbolic wafer to commune and remember CHRIST suffering as we seek JESUS in our lives and follow/consumed His teachings in our heart. GOD bless you and your wife!

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    1. Nakita ko yong punto ninyo, Ed! Parang pagkain na hinahap at kinakailangan sa ating buhay, yan and dapat nating turing kay HESUS, hahanapin siya at kinakailangan sa ating buhay. Ang Panginoong Diyos ay pan/pagkain sa ating spiritual at iyon ay pagtangap sa kanya bilang Panginoong taga pagligtas at sundin ang kanyang mga salita/teachings.

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    1. True, Ed, that would lead to a Godly perspective or a renewal of mind towards what matters most and that is the Triune GOD. This entails surrendering everything and praying to Him all our concerns; living in faith in Him. It will be a sanctified, fulfilled and contented life geared on praising, knowing, and following GOD. You may lose friends/colleagues/relatives in that kind of life of following CHRIST and carrying your cross. This sanctified life is also the opposite of a hedonistic and materialistic way of life where pleasure, popularity, wealth, to name some, are important. But this is a fallen world and with the nature of humankind, we are grateful that GOD justifies us through faith in our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. GOD bless you and your family! This is a good discussion but it is almost 1:00AM here so good night pare!


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