September 3, 2020

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    1. Yes, Mandy, it does come in packages and there were those saved that includes the family and extended family/entire household due to the head of family believing. Maybe that head of family does influenced the rest of the bunch in those times, so they are all saved. GOD bless you and your family!

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  1. How gracious that even those who hurt Christians, if they believe, they too can be saved! What grace…when the BIble says we are saved by grace through faith, the Bible isn’t joking! Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Maybe GOD elected them before the universe was created by Him, Jim. As soon as these persons who were once hostile to Christians (e.g. Paul, jailer) were called by GOD (e.g. Paul called by JESUS on the road to Damascus), maybe saw something strangely wonderful in Christians (e.g. jailer was grateful to Paul and Silas), and heard the Gospel of Truth as if something triggered them, they come to see the light, walk in faith, and live by grace. Is it the grace from the only GOD that is so irresistible? The GOD elected persons cannot evade Him and even as “enemy” of Christians. When GOD called, the jailer crossed paths with Paul and Silas for his sake/salvation. It is GOD’ sovereign will that they do crossed paths, had Paul told the magistrates earlier that they are Roman citizens, they and the jailer and his household would not have crossed paths. True, the Bible is the book of truth and is a GOD given survival book (among other discriptions) for this world as we embrace the next i.e. heaven by the grace of the Triune GOD.

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