1. A blessed Sunday ahead Nicky! Amen, this set of verses have many truths. JESUS is GOD and Savior who saved us out of His mercy (in His own accord). Our righteousness works (although a good manifestation of our GOD saved life) won’t save us. And once we accepted JESUS as GOD and Savior, the HOLY SPIRIT renews our mind, guides us in faith in JESUS, convicts us when we do sin, and helps us live a sanctified life. These behavior changing truths we can live by in faith and surrender to our Triune GOD. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. True, Jim, we are not saved by our own goody good deeds/works; no matter how many medal-worthy-sincere-sacrifices we do, it won’t pay a fraction of a single sin over hundreds of thousands more committed in a lifetime. True, as the entire subseries conveys, we are saved by the grace coming from GOD the FATHER and no other source but the Creator. And we–the unworthy–humbly accept the grace/free gift by faith in JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior; for only the faith/trusting in Him can we be truly saved. After accepting JESUS by faith, the HOLY SPIRIT works (e.g. guide, convict, intercedes) in us; sanctifying us in the process. JESUS, the Good Shepherd, calls us His own thus we won’t be condemn to the tormenting hell. Once saved through faith, we can truly manifest JESUS’ command of love GOD and neighbor. These manifestations of good works is by no means will save us but a mere reflection of our saved life.

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      1. Scripture is so clear it’s not by our works; you’ve shared many verses. It is a blindness of the worst kind that some people can read the Word or claim to read the Word and still believe in a gospel of works righteousness. You expounded very well in your wonderful comment. To that I say: Amen!

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