September 14, 2020


    1. Good evening, Mandy! This set of verses connects justification by faith with what James said about works i.e. “careful” manifestation of works. We can manifest/show good works because of the saving grace/salvation that GOD gave us and we are justified by faith in JESUS CHRIST our GOD and Savior. We’ve watched cyber and other documentaries and yesterday was about “The Great Hack.” GOD bless you and Nathan, Mandy! All the best in your plan development!

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        1. True, Mandy! GOD’s word does guide us to have a right relationship with Him–the Triune GOD. Yes, the “works-righteousness” has no room for GOD’s grace that is humbly accepted by faith. It is only GOD’s grace that we are saved through faith and the good works that we do won’t save us but it is an indicator that we follow GOD’s teaching of love GOD and neighbor.

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    1. Yes, another set of verses in a subseries, each with a different angle but with a unifying message that we are justified by grace. GOD the FATHER’s grace and redemption for us unworthy sinners that we are justified (totally clean and sinless) in His glorious presence because of the atoning sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST–the sinless Son of Man and GOD the SON on the cross, taking the punishment for all our individual hundreds of thousands of sins and washing our sins away making us clean and putting on the righteousness of JESUS. We humbly receive this grace by faith alone because there is nothing we can do good righteously to pay a fraction of a sin in a million more committed and a billion (whatever currency you choose) donations to churches won’t pay either. It is by faith alone with JESUS alone as our GOD and Savior that matters, surrendering everything to the GOD who sustains us. The HOLY SPIRIT renews our minds and changes our behavior in living in this new sanctified life in faith in JESUS.

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        1. Not all in this set of series, Jim, just the middle 3 of the 5. But all 350 sets of verses touches all 5 of them e.g. Praising GOD category also touches the 5th one and there are sets of verses pertaining to scripture alone.

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        2. Yes, according to MS Excel, there are 350 graphics since and only two repeated sets of verses. I keep a file to aviod repeated verses and plan on a series/subseries along the 6 categories. It is almost a year before my blogsary.

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