October 21, 2020


    1. You are right, Jim, we will keep in mind that GOD did discipline us for our own good so we will (reflect on it, repent, rectify the course, and) be like CHRIST. Indeed, we will look forward to the “peaceful fruit of righteousness” in us as our path, in this sanctified life, is constantly straighten (through disciplines etc), until JESUS’ work in us is complete. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Grateful to the Triune GOD for His guidance, Crissy! True, everything GOD does for us, His own who loves Him, is for our own good and for His glory alone. We are always grateful to GOD for His grace, even under discipline, that we can sing, count His blessings, name them one by one. GOD bless you Crissy!


    1. Tama po kayo, Ed, marami tayong nalaman/natutunan tongkul sa kalooban ng Diyos para sa atin, na tayo ay ligtas dahil sa pagmamahal niya sa atin, at anong karapatdapat na pamumuhay bilang naniniwala kay HESUS bilang Kristo at Panginoon. At ito lahat para sa kalulwalhatian ng DIYOS AMA. Biyaya para sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya! 😴💤


    1. True, Jim! This clay pot, like the metalic (cog) before this, gives as an analogy how GOD works in us to be shaped like JESUS and follow His way. We are all molded by GOD as He alone works in our salvation and that includes the long process of sanctification that also includes discipline.

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        1. True and that keeps us motivated or enthusiastic to sing and worship GOD. Even a cacophonous me can surely sing like a baritone or tenor. Same thing probably with those who were saved in their almost 12th hour that they are very grateful to the Triune GOD.

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    1. We are grateful to the Triune GOD for making this possible to us Alan. True, GOD is compassionate with us as He works in our salvation, including disciplining us so that we can have a right relationship with Him now and in heaven.

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