November 7, 2020


    1. Sa sobrang kabutihan at kabaitan ng Diyos, ika nga sa isang awit na Trust His Heart, ito ang linya “GOD is too good to be unkind” at tama po kayo, Ed, hindi dapat tayo kampanti sa pag gawa ng kasamaan. Ang Triune GOD po ay isang merciful pero just din siya at sobrang ayaw at galit siya sa kasalanan. Now under grace, dihins/hindi tayo sala dito at sala doon. Tayo’y itabi/magpakalayo sa kanalan, mag focus kay HESU KRISTO bilang Diyos at Tagapagligtas, dalhin ang ating cross sa buhay tulad ng sinabi Niya, at sumunod sa Kanyang daan. Magandang hapon po sa Italya at sana pagpalain kayo po ng Panginoong Diyos, kayo po at iyong pamilya!


    1. You are right, Lesley, may we focus on GOD and be slaves to righteousness i.e. GOD’s righteousness as the Triune GOD renews our heart and mind. May we follow JESUS CHRIST’s way and carry our cross in obedience until He completes His work in us; being righteous in the end because of His work.

      Right now, it is raining in our area, reminiscent to the night before the Typhoon or exactly a week ago. There was another Typhoon, hundred plus miles from here, named Atsani (international name) or Siony (local name) but it just passed the northern small islands. A sample of their stone houses can be seen in the September 25, 2020 post. They are resilient to this. But not the provinces where Goni made landfall and in the aftermath of the Typhoon, 15,969 houses were totally destroyed and 66,750 were damaged. We are continuously praying for those in the evacuation centers. I shared two pictures I captured from the TV News (local) of two brave dogs. A blessed Sunday ahead!

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      1. So many homes were destroyed, so tragic! I looked at the picture on September 25th’s post. Can more houses be built like those in places where the typhoons hit or is the land not suitable for a sound foundation?
        I hope you have a blessed Sunday too!

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        1. Yes, with the strong winds, floods, landslides, and even lahar, these houses that were made of light materials and not made according to the building and structural codes were easily overwhelmed. These stone houses from Batanes province/island have existed decades ago and hard/expensive to produce in terms of raw materials and financial resources of families. Perhaps, the government should build back better with the help of the corporations/private sector, academe, engineering and architectural associations, and non government/profit organizations; and with the cooperation of communities and victims of this disaster.


    1. You are right about it Jim, GOD’s grace is never a license to sin all the more. You have made a point on this in yesterday’s post and indeed, because of how precious the payment is and how costly GOD’s grace is, we must not go back to our sinful ways as if there is no hell. Now, in our sanctification process, we focus on JESUS, His teachings, and way as we live righteously because of the Triune GOD’s work in us, in our salvation. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. You are right, Crissy, praise the Triune GOD for His work in our sanctification! I agree, may the HOLY SPIRIT guide us to be loke JESUS CHRIST, convict us when we sin, help us discern not to sin, and intercede for us when we missed our mark, until JESUS completes His work in us for the glory of GOD the FATHER. May we also use our time here in the planet to point people to GOD in His righteousness. GOD bless you, your family and ministry! Good night my friend!

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    1. True, Jim, we are free from the shackles, bondage and servitude to sin through GOD the FATHER’s grace; through the cleansing of all our sins by GOD the SON where He clothed us with His own righteousness; and with the constant guidance, conviction, and intercession of the HOLY SPIRIT. Now through the Triune GOD’s work in our salvation, shall we be handcuffed to sin again while we are in this long sanctifiacation process? The three essential words from Paul on this set of verses comes to mind.

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        1. Amen! “By no means” are we to be handcuffed to sin again and we humbly cling to the Triune GOD in prayer, echoing what JESUS had prayed/said, lead us not to temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen!


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