November 24, 2020

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    1. Praise GOD the FATHER for giving GOD the SON His “authority and whom the SON perfectly serves!” JESUS’ glorious reign will continue infinitely in eternity, even after the Millennial Kingdom, as a Member of the HOLY TRINITY, “subject to GOD [the FATHER] in the way eternally designed for [H]im in full Trinitarian glory.” That is what I got, Mandy, from John MacArthur’s commentaries/notes in the Study Bible.

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    1. Amen! You are right, Jim, through sanctification, we have the knowledge and understanding that we all are, including the entire universe, is subjected to JESUS. What an assurance to anchor/cling on to our Savior and GOD JESUS in faith, hope, and love knowing on this truth. GOD is GOD indeed!

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        1. Usually, the Bible uses “steadfast” and as our sanctification progresses we should be resolute. For now, we just anchor to the source like a (faith of) mustard seed connected to GOD Almighty.

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  1. “That God may be all in all”. Hallelujah ! And to think that we will be part of the “in all” is beyond comprehension to me, Thank you Clark for this encouraging Scripture verse.

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    1. It is a blessing to receive, an assurance to know, and an information to spread the world, Crissy that we have the right God that we worship, for there is none other. GOD is GOD and only GOD in three Persons indeed! Hallelujah! Someday, we will be physically communed and walk with the True Living GOD as “part of the ‘in all’ of His. Blessings to you, your family, and ministry!

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    1. Honestly Tangie, it is best read as a group or subseries than daily, as it shows us the bigger connected picture. Also, it is advantageous while some of the key words and related sentences are still fresh in our mind. GOD willing, the posts will have more series. Likewise, let us press on and make CHRIST known. GOD bless you, your family, and your blog. Honestly, I missed to convey my gratitude to you during Thanksgiving. Thank you very much for your nomination then, I really appreciate. Someday, I’ll publish it. Thank you so much.


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