November 27, 2020

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    1. We are grateful to JESUS CHRIST for His yearning and prayer to GOD the FATHER that His elect can joined His SON in Heaven; to see JESUS’ glory and glorify Him. This verse also shows that JESUS exist before the universe was created. JESUS is GOD the SON indeed! GOD bless you, Nathan, and your mom! I’ll be watching our favorite show in few hours.

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    1. You are right, Jim, this verse is a teaser of the doctrine of election that we will delve on in the next subseries but for now, the verse shows the possibility that we will be with JESUS in Heaven. Indeed, CHRIST’s prayer is beautiful and awesome to process and appreciate in one’s thought that GOD the SON is interceding/requesting GOD the FATHER that His elect be with Him and experience seeing His magnificent glory (with the Book of Revelation in mind). On a worldly hedonistic analogy, it is like your recently met uberwealthy friend is pleading to his dad that you, a street kid, could joined them and see his family’s exclusive pristine place filled with his best personal goodies. We can only see/read/envision in our finite way how GOD the FATHER glorifies His SON, JESUS CHRIST, still for GOD the FATHER’s glory. We too, when someday JESUS returns and we are transformed in our glorified body, that is for the Triune GOD’s glory. Glorified for GOD’s glory.

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    1. Kent the lizard eater, sounds fun!😆 Just to rectify, I officially ate once and it was a monitor lizard and based on the cuts, it could have been 1’6″ long. The other one was a maybe or alleged based on the tenderness of the meat.

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