December 1, 2020


    1. True, Jim! We look forward on GOD’s promise that someday the weakening, disfigured, or decaying/decayed body can be changed into a new glorious body away from the filth of sin. This body that we have now will be transformed to something far better and Heaven ready to worship the Triune GOD.

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  1. Lazarus came back to life with a body of flesh and blood. Clearly he was not in heaven otherwise what would have been the point of bringing him back here to suffer and eventually die again?
    On the other hand, people like the apostle Paul clearly manifested a heavenly hope. So the Bible points to everlasting life on earth for some and life in heaven for the apostles and others

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    1. Lazarus’ body was not yet the glorified body we talked about, Ed, because the change/transformation will only happen once JESUS CHRIST–GOD the SON has returned i.e. His second coming. Lazarus also died after, while in the earth, like those who died, before CHRIST glorious second coming. The purpose of him living again was for the glory of GOD the SON and not for Lazarus’ glory. All of JESUS’s own people will be with Him in His Kingdom.

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        1. True, GOD is an unchanging GOD and that is one of His attributes. True, JESUS did atone for our sins as the only pleasing sacrifice for all our sins, and as our GOD and Savior, He will reign forever and ever in His Kingdom (Revelation 11:15). I’d love to chat further Ed but immunity calls. Magandang gabi po kabayan!

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