1. You are right about this, Mandy, and grateful to GOD for His providence i.e. this catch (just like an expensive big fish) of a rare CG and an artist rendition of a space-time wormhole. When we think of GOD’s place i.e. Heaven, it must be outside of His created universe as He sees us all His created in all points of the span of time, as an Omnipresent GOD. When we are residing and worshipping Him in His place, GOD provides for everything that sustains us for eternity. Our welfare is secured in Him. There will be no labor under the scorching heat of the sun but there will be worshipping of the Triune GOD in awe of His magnificence and gratitude of His grace. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. This set of verses reminded me of your similar post, Crissy! GOD does look after our spiritual welfare both here on Earth and in Heaven. I can’t imagine what is with our heavenly body but my initial impression, based on the set of verses, is that body is tireless, not prone to frailty, and in constant recharge to GOD, who provides all we ever need. We can only know in Heaven what that glorified body is. Our focus by then is to serve and worship the True and Living Triune GOD. For that, we practice worshipping GOD constantly here on Earth as that will be our joyous task in Heaven. Blessing to you, your family, and ministry!

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    1. Especially during this pandemic! January 12 was the eruption of Taal where we in Metro Manila and Region 4 started panic buying face masks. The ides of March was the start of the lockdown. And I can’t imagine it is Christmas again, i.e. a month before January and just a few months before March. How fast is the time when you are experiencing not leaving home a.k.a. house arrest a.k.a. confined to quarters a.k.a. lockdown.

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        1. Thank you very much for your lecture today, Jim on Isaiah 9:6. All OT points to JESUS–the cornerstone, and no other messiah came from Galilee than our GOD. I also enjoyed the discussions. By the way, the term you thought of in the earlier part was guru.

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    1. True and you are right, Donna! All of GOD’s promises, assurances, and His salvation plan for humankind, culminates in the last book of the Bible. The Book of Revelation also shows His Love, Justice, Mercy, Faithfulness, Holiness, Righteousness, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and all His attributes. We look forward to the Day of JESUS 2nd Coming/Advent where we will meet Him face-to-face, be transformed in our glorious body, and start worshipping the Triune GOD in Heaven; serving Him daily in awe of His magnificence and grateful of His grace. That is our CHRISTmas star that guides us to our new Home with GOD. GOD bless you, your family, and your ministry!

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