December 20, 2020


    1. This is the concluding statement of JESUS i.e. “the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their FATHER” when He explains the Parable of the Weeds to His disciples. The Parable of the Weeds capsulizes/summarizes the story from GOD’s wonderful creation of humans to the fall of humanity by the deceit of satan to the judgment at the Throne of GOD. The weeds that the devil sowed that also grew beside the wheat, will be “thrown in the “fiery furnace where there are weeping and gnashing of teeth.” But the righteous will shine at GOD the FATHER’s Kingdom. What an assurance when we live by faith in JESUS CHRIST as our Lord GOD of our lives and Savior from all our sins. This subseries will end on December 22. How was your testimony? GOD bless you, Nathan, and your parents!

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  1. To think that God will also glorify believers (though glorify in a creaturely way, we are not God!) is amazing. I mean to be saved from hell is already gracious; but to glorified one day? WOW!

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    1. You are right, pastor, being saved from infinitely tormented in the fires of hell and worshipping the Triune GOD in Heaven eternally is gracious enough. Far gracious than one day 10 winning streak of the lottery. Having a glorified body is a huge bonus too. But, the most glorious of all is the cleansing of all our sins by JESUS and Him clothing us with His righteousness that we have become righteous too and shine like a sun in the Kingdom of GOD. For those in the crossroads and reading this, believe in GOD. Believe in faith and accept wholeheartedly that JESUS CHRIST is GOD of your life and Savior of your soul. “He who has ears, let them hear.” GOD bless you, Nancy, and your kids!

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    1. Praise to GOD indeed, Crissy that “the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their FATHER.” We look forward to be in Heaven and see the result of JESUS’ atoning sacrifice that cleansed us from all sins and the imputed righteousness of CHRIST to His believers/elect.

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