1. “For the former things have passed away.” These words mean a lot in light of the state of the (sinful) world (e.g. killings, corruption, evil schemes, despicable actions), current events (e.g. pandemic), circumstances (e.g. physical ailments/disabilities), and sinfulness.

      We humbly praise and being grateful to the Triune GOD indeed for this promise/assurance of a new beginning IN HEAVEN! Praise GOD for He is Holy, Just, Merciful, Loving, Gracious, Good, Faithful, Infinite, and Immutable! A new beginning with Him indeed where there is no sin, sadness, pain, quarrel, and even pandemic/sickness!

      So with this promise and assurance in mind, Mandy, we press on in faith in the Triune GOD! Yes, regardless of the state of the world, current events, circumstance, and sinfulness, we share the Gospel, including GOD’s promises so the people will believe with repentance and accept JESUS as Lord GOD of his/her life and Savior from his/her sins, knowing that only JESUS is the way to GOD the FATHER and Heaven. And pray that the HOLY SPIRIT indwells in his/her life and guides them to the right path/way. GOD bless you, Nathan, your parents, and brother!

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  1. This verse has comforted so many during funerals and deaths of loved ones….just reading this makes me think of many ministry with family members who lost someone. What comfort in Christ

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    1. Key here, Jim, is that this world is just a transient/temporary one and Heaven/Millennial Kingdom of JESUS CHRIST is permanent, forever, and eternity. Also, we can see and recognize (as John saw the great and small) each other in Heaven, although we operate (in there) on a different (godly) way/guidelines/protocol. The only problem is, those who are not in Book of Life or saved, we cannot mingle with them as they are in a place of torment. We press on further, Jim, in sharing GOD’s Word, to make CHRIST known so they will accept JESUS as Lord GOD and Savior of their lives as they live in a genuine saving faith, and we continue praying to GOD for the salvation of those who are still here. You are right, the verse is comforting. Sharing with you this LINK. GOD bless you, Nancy, and your kids!

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    1. Opo! Sangayon ako sa sinasabi mo, Ed! Magbabago na ang Langit at Lupa dahil nandito na ang Milenyong Kaharian ng Panginoong Diyos HESU KRISTO at dahil dito, maging paraiso na Kaharian sa lupa. Totoo po, sa panahong kahaharap na iyon, wala ng sakit, sakit sa damdamin, at puro lang malasakit sa isat isa at pagsamba sa Diyos. At wala nang pangyayari sa Kaharian, na kapareho sa nakikita natin, na naging viral video sa Pinas ngayon. GOD bless you, your wife, and your two children!

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        1. Yan yong sabi nila, Ed, papain ka muna sa kanyon. Tangihan mo sila na medyo mahirap makalug paa mo at baka magworsen. Saglit lang ang recovery and healing at makapasok ka naman. Hintay lang sila kaunti for the healing.

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        2. Yong first two, band aid/placebo effect lang yon. Yong pangatlo, yon yong effective. Seriously, mayroong roll on pain reliever ang Japan na effective and long lasting than omega and efficascent. Ok lang yong dalawa yon na pang body massage.

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    1. You are right, Tom! That will be the best of all the best things that ever happened to us and that is to be with JESUS in Heaven for eternity. We are grateful to GOD the FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT for working in our salvation, insuring that we will be in Heaven worshipping Him. So no matter how “bad” we perceived our world and our life in this world is, we know that the best is coming soon. With that “best” where there is no pain and suffering for eternity, and there is only adoring and worshipping GOD, that will definitely offset all the bad experiences we have in this life. We now hold firm in our faith in GOD. GOD bless you and Corinne!

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    1. Something we should look forward to Diana! The peace of GOD that is like no other. The time in Heaven is more than tranquil. It is what we truly are created for, worshipping the Triune GOD. Praising Him always for His grace, love, mercy, and faithfulness! This is the promise/assurance that keeps us going, no matter what we are facing in this world. GOD bless you and your family!


    1. Praising GOD indeed for His grace, redemption, guidance/direction, conviction, and completion of our sanctification that we will be with Him in Heaven, NotestoWomen! What an assurance to live and walk by faith! We are grateful to the Triune GOD for working in our salvation that one day will be the start of being with Him and worshipping Him for eternity! GOD is so good! So we press on in sharing the Gospel! GOD bless you and your family!


    1. True, we will wait for GOD’s promise and assurance with firm fervor while we are here on Earth and with an ongoing sanctification process. No matter what we faced in this life, when we are in CHRIST JESUS, we are assured to experience GOD’s promise forever in Heaven; worshipping the Triune GOD in His Throne. Blessings to you and your family!


    1. You are right, JJ! What we will do in Heaven is the best work ever and that is to serve our GOD. It is indeed awesome to know, imagine, and expect, with excitement and fervor. We won’t get tired/weary in worshipping the True and Living GOD. And GOD does take care of our welfare and everything that we won’t be needing anything other than being with our GOD for eternity. GOD bless you and your family!


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